Where must references be located?

Where must references be located?

Your source is in brackets directly after your quote. For the information in brackets you need the last name of the author, the year of publication and the page number to which your citation refers.

Is an ebook an internet source?

Page-numbered, fixed-page e-books are usually published in PDF format. It is not uncommon for them to be digital images of books printed on paper. If the e-book is not distributed via online book shops, the online source and the date of retrieval must be indicated in the bibliography.

What is the correct way to indicate copyright?

In the case of books, the name is usually on the title page, on the spine of the book or in the imprint. In the case of films, the film authors are given in the opening or closing credits. In the case of digital images, it can also be sufficient for the copyright notice to appear in the imprint of a homepage or if it is displayed below the image.

How do I know what is copyrighted?

4 Answers Theoretically every picture is protected by copyright. It always depends on the license. You can set Google in the search settings so that only results are displayed that are license-free. That means results, in this case images that you are allowed to use.

Which images can I use?

The following applies in principle: works protected by copyright (this includes high-quality images as well as the simplest graphics, specific lettering, online articles, etc.) may only be used if you have the appropriate usage rights.

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