Which angle satellite dish?

Which angle satellite dish?

The orbit positions of these satellites offer extremely favorable elevation angles for undisturbed reception in the Federal Republic of Germany. Within Germany, the elevation angle for ASTRA at position 19.2 east is approx. 28 (in the north) and approx. 35 (in the south).

Which Astra satellite in Austria?

HD Sender – ENCRYPTED (HD Austria or SimpliTV) KanalSatellitFreferenzRTL HD AustriaAstra 19.2 ° 11082RTLZWEI HD AustriaAstra 19.2 ° 11082VOX HD AustriaAstra 19.2 ° 11082

Which satellite for ORF?

ORF transmitter on Astra 19.2 ° East »Satellite: Astra 19.2 ° East, frequency: 11302 MHz, polarization H, symbol rate 22000, FEC 2/3 transmitterSIDORF1 HD4911ORF2N HD4916ORF2W HD49122

What kind of Astra satellite?

The well-known German TV and radio programs are transmitted on the Astra 19.2 ° East satellite. Over 400 German-language programs can currently be received on Astra. With a little over 1200 programs, you don’t have quite as many channels as on Hotbird, for example. The satellite is operated by the Luxembourg company SES.

Which Astra satellite in Vienna?

The Austrian channels ORF 1, 2 and 3 as well as ORF Sport + are broadcast in HDTV quality via Astra 19.2 ° East and are encoded in Irdeto.

Which satellite should you choose?

The Astra 1 satellite channels are preset to 19.2 degrees East on all DVB-S receivers, and occasionally the channels from other satellites such as Hotbird are set to 13 degrees East or Astra 2 to 28.2 degrees East. As a rule, you do not have to search for and tune in a station.

Which transponder for Astra 19 2?

Astra 19.2 ° East transmitter on 12188 MHz Hn-tv. 12090. 169. 73 | eng. 77 | mul. NITRO. 12061, 173, 146 | eng. RTL Bavaria. Regional program. 12006. 163. RTL HB NDS. Regional program. 12005. 180. RTL HH SH. Regional program. 12009. 170. RTL Regional NRW. Regional program. 12004. 190. RTL Television. 12003, 163, 104 | ger. RTL2. 12020, 166, 128 | eng.

Which frequency on satellite?

The broadband signal transmitted by the satellite uses two frequency ranges in two polarizations: The frequency ranges are the low band from 10,700 – 11750 MHz and the high band from 11750 – 12750 MHz.

What frequency on the television?

Overview of satellite frequencies and TV channelsGHz symbol rate – FEC Ch. IDAC3HDTV2000 – 2 / 3HDTVDTV

Which LNB setting for Astra?

Name of the satellite: Astra. Tuner selection: Tuner 2nd connection type: loop through. LNB frequency: (rarely also LNB voltage: An.DiSEqC 1.0: switch off; DiSEqC 1.1: switch off.

Which transponder for Hotbird?

HOTBIRD 13C The EUTELSAT 13C satellite, designed for TV and radio transmissions, has 64 Ku-band transponders on board, which map the entire frequency spectrum of the HOTBIRD position used by Eutelsat.

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