Which areas of law are regulated in the German Civil Code?

Which areas of law are regulated in the German Civil Code?

The BGB is divided into five books, which regulate the following areas of law: the principles laid down in the general part, law of obligations, property law, family law, inheritance law.

Is a law a legal norm?

A legal norm or legal regulation or legal sentence is understood to be either a legal regulation or a regulation of a general-abstract nature that has been issued on a legal basis or is contained in common law. The concept of legal norm is defined in different ways in jurisprudence.

Is a regulation legally binding?

In the EU, a regulation is a legal act which, once passed, is immediately applicable in the member states, ie it does not have to be transposed into national laws by the national parliaments like a directive.

What does a regulation specify?

Ordinance is short for ordinance. This regulates a situation like a law. In contrast to the law, the ordinance is not issued by the legislature, but by the public administration. The ordinance must contain a reference to its legal basis.

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