Which Astra Sat is the right one?

Which Astra Sat is the right one?

Most households in Germany align their dishes to the satellites at the Astra 19.2 degrees East position. In addition to public service broadcasters, they also transmit many private broadcasters, Sky and foreign programs.

How do I get HD channels via satellite?

For HD reception via SAT, you need a digital SAT system, an HD-capable television, a SAT card and an HD-capable receiver if the TV set does not already have an integrated DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuner.

How much does HD TV via satellite cost?

The HD+ channel package costs 5.75 euros per month. The optional annual fee costs 70 euros. An HD+ module costs you a one-off fee of 79 euros, but can also be booked for rent for an additional 2.50 euros per month.

How can I watch TV in HD?

To receive high-definition broadcasts, you need a digital cable connection, the right module and a television with an HD-capable cable receiver. Tip: You can also use the Internet to bring HD content to your TV.

Why do I have to pay for HD?

HD is now commonplace on ARD and ZDF, while most viewers only watch in SD quality on the private channels such as RTL, Sat. 1 and Co. One reason for this: You can only receive the private channels in high definition for a separate fee.

What is the difference between HD and HD+?

The difference between both systems is that HD is a new resolution format, while HD+ includes some channels and is paid for.

How much does an HD Plus module cost?

Astra HD+ module + smart card UHD 6 months from €59.00 (December 2020 prices) | Price comparison at

How much does a CI+ module cost?

Prices for products from the CI module category are usually between around 15 euros and 100 euros. Depending on the functional scope of the product and the manufacturer of the common interface module, the price will be higher or lower.

What is an HD Plus module?

HD+ is a fee-based additional program offer in (higher resolution) HD quality via the satellite digital platform of HD PLUS GmbH, a subsidiary of the satellite operator SES SA In addition to all free-to-air HD offers, 24 private TV channels can be broadcast in HD quality via HD+ as well as two UHD …

How does the HD card get into the module?

First switch off your TV and remove the CI+ module. Also remove the card from the module. Dust everything off, put it back together and try decoding the channels again. Make sure that you insert the card in the CI+ module in the correct direction.

What to do if the HD card doesn’t work?

HD+ card does not work – what you can doThe card reader may be defective. However, if the card is not recognized there either, there may be a defect in the card or it has been blocked. Often you need the latest firmware update for your TV.

How do I activate my HD+ card?

Activating the HD+ card for the first timeActivating the HD+ card for the first time is quick and easy. Simply insert the card into the designated CI slot of the receiving device (TV). Make sure that the golden chip is facing up. Turn on the receiving device and the rest will take care of itself.

How does the HD module work?

CI+ modules are credit card-sized plug-in cards that fit into the CI+ slot of modern televisions. These modules in turn accept a smart card. The combination of TV set, CI+ slot, CI+ module and smart card is used to receive encrypted TV and radio stations.

How does HD Plus card work?

HD Plus channels are broadcast in encrypted form so that they are only accessible to paying customers in Germany. The customer needs an access card, which is activated free of charge for 6 months after purchase.

What can I receive with CI Modul?

You can usually receive public channels such as ARD, ZDF and MDR just like that – but many private channels (especially in HD) require a CI module that can decode the programs.

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