Which Campaign Setting Impacts How The Associated Insertion Orders Deliver

Adjusting the Campaign Settings in an ad manager can help you determine if an insertion order has been delivered to an ad group. These settings can include line-item frequency caps and frequency caps for insert orders. These settings control how often an ad group is delivered. Make sure to adjust them accordingly. In addition to frequency caps, other campaign settings can also affect how the associated insertion orders deliver.

An insertion order is an agreement between an advertiser or publisher that outlines the details of ad inventory. This contract guarantees that the advertiser can place ads on the publisher’s website for a certain period of time and a certain number of ad impressions. If a campaign reaches its credit limit before its expiration date, the ads will pause automatically. To avoid exceeding your credit limit, it is best to apply for an insert.

Although the Profile_id field is no longer supported on insertion orders, it is still possible modify the budget type. You can set a budget type that is flexible if you don’t want spend too much on an insertion order.

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