Which clauses are asked by which question words?

Which clauses are asked by which question words?

We remember that there are 4 different parts of a sentence in German: subject, predicate, object and adverbial determination… .Object.ObjectsPossible question wordsGenitive objectWessen? Dative objectWho? Accusative objectWen? or what? Prepositional objectPreposition + Whom / Was / Whom1 more row

If is a question word?

ALS and IF are connectors that connect main clauses and subordinate clauses, but they are NOT question words.

How do I ask for times?

You can inquire about times with the help of certain question words, i.e. W-words. These are for example: When?

Which case does the question ask when?

What you should know about temporal prepositions. Case W-QuestionPrepositionAkkum how much clock, whenumAkkhow longaboutdativewhen from whenab, from andativwannan14

Which preposition requires which case?

Which case requires which preposition in German? Every preposition requires a specific case in German: the associated word (noun, pronoun, article) must be used in the genitive, dative or accusative case, depending on the preposition.

When with accusative or dative?

Some prepositions can require dative or accusative, depending on the situation. When we say where something / someone is (position), we use dative. When we say where something / someone is moving (direction), we use the accusative.

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