Which companies need to create an attachment?

Which companies need to create an attachment?

The preparation of the appendix is ​​mandatory for corporations, partnerships without a natural person as a personally liable partner, cooperatives and companies that fall under the Publicity Act (§§ 264, § 264a HGB).

Who is obliged to create an attachment?

All GmbHs must prepare annual financial statements, consisting of a balance sheet and profit and loss account, as well as an appendix; The latter does not apply to small limited companies. GmbHG and an appendix according to §§ 284 ff. HGB. Medium-sized and large companies must also prepare a management report in accordance with Section 289 of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

What must be in the management report?

Content and scope. According to § 289 I and III HGB, the course of business including the business results and the position of the corporation are to be presented in the management report in such a way that a picture that corresponds to the actual circumstances is conveyed.

Is the management report part of the annual financial statements?

According to Section 264 of the German Commercial Code, large and medium-sized corporations are required to prepare a management report. The management report is not part of the annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes), but an independent part of the accounting.

Who has to sign the management report?

prepare a management report. In accordance with Section 245 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), every businessman has to sign the annual financial statements, stating the date. This takes place regardless of the respective representation regulations or powers of the individual managing directors.

Who has to prepare a situation report for Austria?

In principle, all stock corporations (regardless of their size) and all other medium-sized and large corporations must prepare a management report.

Who has to submit an electronic balance sheet?

Since 2013, all companies that are required to report must submit their balance sheet electronically (as an e-balance sheet) to the tax office: Merchants according to the HGB (Commercial Code), provided that there is no exemption due to the limit values ​​being exceeded.

By when does a balance sheet have to be drawn up?

The annual financial statements and management report must be prepared in the first 3 months of the following financial year. Only the annual financial statements are to be prepared in the first 3 months of the following financial year or later if this corresponds to the normal course of business.

By when do you have to prepare the annual financial statements?

Annual financial statements: deadline for preparation The annual financial statements must be drawn up within a period that corresponds to the normal course of business. A period of 6 to 9 months can usually be assumed here.

By when does the annual financial statement of an AG have to be approved?

KGs, stock corporations and other limited liability companies must prepare the annual financial statements for the previous financial year within the first three months of the financial year (Section 264 (1) sentence 3 HGB, possibly in conjunction with Section 264a HGB), i.e. by 31 December for the same calendar year.

Until when annual financial statements sole proprietorship?

The sole proprietorships or, in the case of partnerships, the personally liable partners are responsible for the timely (maximum six months) and correct preparation of the annual financial statements. There is no disclosure requirement.

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