Which company name can I use?

Which company name can I use?

KG, GmbH, AG, UG, eK, oHG: Which company name can I use? The company name does not have to be pronounceable as a word, but can also contain abbreviations (example: H&M GmbH) The name of a company must be sufficiently distinctive from other companies. More entries…•

What must be considered when registering a sole proprietorship?

In general, as a sole proprietor who is not entered in the commercial register, you should refrain from using the designation company, company name, company name or company designation. A company only exists if the company is entered in the commercial register.

How do I find out whether a company name is protected?

The following: You can find out whether a name is protected in the database of the German Patent and Trademark Office. Before you protect your own name, however, be sure to commission a comprehensive trademark law search to avoid legal disputes.

What can I name my sole proprietorship?

The legal form of the sole proprietorship, which is operated as a small business, has no abbreviation. Your full civil name with first and last name is always written out. Only registered merchants who are also registered in the commercial register may add the suffix e. K.

Is a sole proprietorship a company?

A sole proprietor is the one who is the sole owner of a business and runs the business alone. He may not have any co-responsible or silent partners. In legal form, a sole proprietorship is the opposite of a company.

What can I name my small business?

2. Case 1: small business. In the case of a small business without an entry in the commercial register, the company name must clearly state that you and your company are practically identical. Therefore, the company name must contain your complete personal name, including first and last name.

Is a small business entered in the commercial register?

Due to the limited scope of business, small businesses are not merchants within the meaning of the HGB. Small businesses are not obliged to be entered in the commercial register, to keep double-entry bookkeeping or to draw up balance sheets.

How much can I earn with a small business?

Small businesses whose annual turnover (= sum of business income subject to VAT) does not exceed EUR 17,500 per year are considered small business owners. They do not have to pay sales tax, trade tax or other corporate taxes.

What are the advantages of a small business?

In addition, small businesses do not have to be entered in the commercial register. Small businesses also have a major advantage when it comes to bookkeeping, since small businesses do not have to keep accounts. This eliminates double commercial accounting and the publication of the annual financial statements.

How much does a small business cost me per year?

The costs for registering a small business depend on the municipality in which you do it – but they are manageable in any case. They usually vary between 20 and 65 euros and are due in the form of a processing fee for the trade office.

What does a business license do for me?

The business registration is not primarily about advantages, but it is mandatory if you carry out a commercial activity. In addition, there are shops where you can only shop if you are registered as a company (commercial, freelance work, KG, AG, etc.).

When does a small business exist?

A small business is a company that does not require a commercial business operation. This means that the small trader is an entrepreneur but not a merchant (see eg registered merchant).

What insurance do I need for small businesses?

In order to protect the small business from financial damage caused by personal injury or damage to property, business liability insurance is mandatory. Personal injuries in particular can cost a company dearly.

Can anyone register a small business?

If you register a trade as an individual, you must go to the trade registration office yourself and apply for a trade license. If you start as a team, register your business as a GbR. In this case, every GbR shareholder must go to the trade office in person or be represented by a power of attorney.

What is a small business?

A small business is a company which “due to the nature or size of the business does not require a commercially organized business” (Section 1 (2) of the German Commercial Code).

What’s changing for small business owners in 2020?

The Federal Council has approved the Bureaucracy Relief Act III and has thus made an important simplification possible for small businesses. As a small business owner, you do not charge your customers any sales tax and you do not pay any sales tax to the tax office. …

What is the difference between small business owner and small business?

Small business owners only write net amounts on their bills. A small business can be the business of a small business, i.e. you can fall under the small business regulation with a small business due to the amount of sales. Small traders are not merchants.

What is the difference between commercial and small business?

A small business is a trade that is not entered in the commercial register. Whether you want to register as a small business is indicated in the tax registration form by the tax office. Small businesses are tradespeople who make use of the small business regulation.

Is a small business a business?

The small business refers to all business operations that do not have to be entered in the commercial register – regardless of the sales limits applicable to small businesses. In this respect, the status of a small business owner has no influence on the registration of your own business.

Is a business registration the same as a business license?

The trade license is, so to speak, the result of a trade registration, a completed, signed and stamped form from the trade office. Therefore, exactly the same applies to the trade license as to registering a trade.

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