Which DIN for application?

Which DIN for application?

Generally you use DIN A4 pages. Cover letters and curriculum vitae in particular should be designed and shaped in a uniform manner. In order for you to succeed in all of this, you should adhere to DIN 5008. It is also used, for example, for business letters and documents in business and administration.

What is regulated in DIN 5008?

The DIN 5008 standard provides writing and design rules for text and information processing. Until 1996, DIN 5008 considered writing with the typewriter without exception; Since the new version of 1996, the design options with PC word processing programs have also been the subject of the standard.

When will the new DIN 5008 come?

The new DIN 5008, which contains new writing and design regulations for word processing, has been available since March 2020. Before the new rules were published, the responsible “Information Technology and Applications” standards committee, which was working on the reform, had to make many corrections.

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