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Which flowers are best as a Christmas present?

Christmas is the time to tell the people we love most how much they mean, how much we miss them, or how happy we are that they are part of our lives. If you want to give a special gift this year that represents and expresses all of the love, affection, hope and joy that remains alive within us, there is nothing better than To give away flowers or plants. The beauty of the plants and flowers will bring a touch of joy and color to our home and will also make happy those people who love gardening and nature. Colvin would like to help you with that best floral Christmas gifts for your family and friends so that they can see how important they are to you.

Which flowers are best as a Christmas present?

Colvin has it all Flowers and plants with Christmas colors selected. The colors red, bordeaux, green and white help to create a happy and emotional atmosphere and to convey all the magic of this time. The following flowers, among others, are most often given away at Christmas:

The poinsettia is the most popular Christmas present among all flower plants.

Blumen als Weihnachtsgeschenk Weihnachtsstern das beliebteste Geschenk unter allen Blumen und Pflanzen

  1. Christmas star

The poinsettia or Euphorbia pulcherrima is that traditional christmas flower and one of the classic symbols of this festival. The bright red color of its flowers is the color of Christmas. It is a natural and very special decoration with which we can spread the Christmas spirit in our home. This plant is usually very valued as a gift.

Red roses are the eternal symbol of love and therefore they are also perfect as a Christmas present.

Blumen als Weihnachtsgeschenk rote Rosen das ewige Symbol der Liebe perfektes Geschenk zu Weihnachten

2. Red roses

Roses are a perfect gift for any occasion. They are very expressive and symbolic and convey loving feelings. Red roses symbolize love and affection and their red color also fits the Christmas mood and fills every corner with joy and emotions.

The Christmas cactus is blooming for the festival!

Blumen als Weihnachtsgeschenk Weihnachtskaktus blüht zum Fest

3. Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus or Schlumbergera truncata is native to tropical rainforests, is ideal as a Christmas present due to its winter bloom and evergreen leaves and also requires little maintenance. It has gorgeous flowers and its green, perennial, downward sloping leaves create a beautiful network of shapes and colors. The flowers can be red, fuchsia, orange, or white.

The holly is a symbol of luck.

Blumen als Weihnachtsgeschenk Stechpalme gilt als Glückssymbol

4. Holly

Another Plant that is ideal as a Christmas present and with which one can create a typical Christmas decoration is the holly. This small tree, considered a symbol of good luck, is no longer threatened with extinction, which is why its branches are often used to make Christmas wreaths and bouquets because of their red fruits and green leaves.

5. mistletoe

The mistletoe or Viscum album is a plant that is also using Happiness and prosperity is associated, making it a gift associated with the desire for happiness for our loved ones. It’s also often associated with the American tradition of kissing under a mistletoe for good luck, and it’s also used as a Christmas decoration. Their green leaves and red fruits are usually attached to doors and windows as decorations.

The mistletoe is also associated with luck and prosperity.

Blumen als Weihnachtsgeschenk Mistel mit Glück und Wohlstand assoziiert

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