Which font for the thesis?

Which font for the thesis?

Almost all patterns or instructions for the formal design of scientific papers published by the faculties of the universities see the fonts Arial or Times New Roman completely or Arial (headings) in combination with Times New as the font for bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation…

What font size are footnotes?

Font and font size in footnotes The font size must be smaller than that of the text and headings and must be 10 points. The font should be the same as that of the body text.

In what font size do you write a thesis?

For a work in A4 paper format, it is best to choose 11pt or 12pt as the font size. For the thesis at the Leopoldinum, the typeface should be the serif fonts “Times New Roman” or “Garamond” or the sans serif font “Arial”. The character spacing should be normal, the line spacing should be 1.5.

Which font for scientific articles?

Times New Roman is probably the most recommended font for scientific work and therefore the most widespread.

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