Which format for Garmin?

Which format for Garmin?

FIT is (similar to TCX) a proprietary Garmin file format for recording and exchanging GPS and fitness data. In addition to the route or the track, heart rate, cadence and speed can be recorded, analyzed and archived via ANT + sensors.

How accurate are the coordinates on Google Maps?

Search for a location using coordinates Degrees, minutes and seconds (GMS): 2 ″ N 2 ° 10’26.5 ″ E. Degrees and Decimal Minutes (GMM): 2 10.4418. Decimal degree (DG): 2.17403.

Which latitudes go through Germany?

To do this, one counts the latitudes to the north or south and the longitudes to the east or west. Germany, for example, lies between the 47th and 55th parallel north of the equator and the 6th.

How do you indicate the position in the graticule?

When specifying the location of a place, you first name the latitude and then the longitude. A position specification for Berlin could be: 52 ° N (northern latitude) and 13 ° E (eastern longitude). But now Berlin lies exactly between two circles of latitude and meridians.

How many km is a longitude?

The longitude circles are at a spatial distance of 111 kilometers at the equator, going to the poles the distance steadily decreases until it is zero. In Germany, the meridians are about 71 kilometers apart on average.

How long is an arcsecond?

In Germany, the length of a parallel is about 25,700 km (50th latitude degree) and one degree (60 arc minutes with 60 arc seconds each) corresponds to 71.44 km, one arc minute 1,190 m and one arc second 19.8 m.

What is the distance between two longitudes at the equator?

Since the circles of longitude converge (converge) at the pole, the distance between two circles of longitude decreases with increasing latitude. At the equator, the distance is greatest at 111 km.

Where is the 0 degree of longitude?

The prime meridian valid in today’s reference systems runs about 102 meters east of the historical meridian through Greenwich Park, so that the marked meridian is now on the longitude (-) 0.001475 ° or 0 ° 0 ′ 5.31 ″ west.

Where is the 180 degree of longitude?

The northernmost point, where the 180th degree of longitude runs overland, is Wrangel Island, which belongs to Russia, and then the Chukchi Peninsula to the south. That is why the date line was laid here in an eastward direction to around 169 ° W through the Bering Strait.

Where do the equator and prime meridian meet?

It is a semicircle that runs from the north to the south pole and crosses England (London observatory Greenwich), France, Spain and Algeria. The intersection between the equator and prime meridian is in the Gulf of Guinea, about 600 kilometers south of the coast of Ghana.

What is the name of the zeroth longitude?

The prime meridian serves as the baseline for orientation on earth: It separates east and west and is the basis for time measurement: All time zones are related to the zero degree of longitude. The famous line runs from the North Pole to the South Pole through the London borough of Greenwich, where naturalists placed it in 1884.

What is the zero latitude?

The equator is the longest parallel and divides the globe into the north and south halves. The zero degree of longitude is called the prime meridian. It divides the globe into a west and an east half.

Which city is on the prime meridian?

In 1911 it was decided to go to Greenwich. The prime meridian, the longitude at 0 degrees, runs through this. From this one counts east and west. In addition, the northern and southern latitudes help to find and determine every place in the world precisely.

What do you call the latitudes?

All points with the same geographical longitude, ie with the same “degree of longitude”, lie on the same meridian. The terms ‘longitude’ and ‘meridian’ denote exactly the same lines on the earth’s surface and can therefore be used synonymously.

Why is the number of longitudes and latitudes different?

Unlike the latitudes, each longitude spans the entire earth. This means that each degree of longitude goes through the North Pole and the South Pole. In addition, every degree of longitude also crosses the equator. There are a total of 360 degrees of longitude.

How many longitudes and latitudes are there?

The geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) can be used to describe the position of a point on earth. The earth is divided into 360 degrees of longitude and 180 degrees of latitude.

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