Which grades for the extended secondary school certificate in Lower Saxony?

Which grades for the extended secondary school certificate in Lower Saxony?

In order to get the extended secondary school certificate I (extended secondary school certificate) in a vocational school, you normally need an overall grade point average of at least 3.0. In addition, the requirements for the lower secondary school leaving certificate must be met.

What does qualified secondary qualification 1 mean?

Intermediate school leaving certificate (Sek I) If at least satisfactory performances have been achieved in the subjects German, English and mathematics in the final certificate for the secondary qualification I, as a rule no entrance examination is carried out.

What do you call the high school diploma?

The Hauptschule leaving certificate (also vocational training qualification or Berufsreife – depending on the federal state) is the first general education qualification in Germany.

What is the primary school diploma called?

Abitur (general or subject-related university entrance qualification) Fachhochschulreife (general or subject-related Fachhochschule entrance qualification) Intermediate school leaving certificate (Realschule leaving certificate and comparable school leaving qualifications) Hauptschule leaving certificate and qualifying Hauptschule leaving certificate.

What do you call the secondary school leaving certificate after the 10th grade?

These include the secondary school certificate, the secondary school certificate after class 10 (currently: secondary school certificate I – secondary school certificate after class 10), the middle school certificate (currently: secondary certificate I – technical college entrance qualification), the technical college entrance qualification and the Abitur.

What is the high school diploma?

The Hauptschule leaving certificate – also known as Berufsreife or Berufsbildungsreife – is the first general school leaving certificate in Germany. It entitles you to take up dual vocational training and to attend the basic year of vocational training.

When do you automatically get your high school diploma?

You also automatically have the Hauptschule certificate if you are promoted from the 9th grade to the 10th grade at the Gymnasium. In some federal states, this also applies to the Realschule.

What do you do with a high school diploma?

After completing secondary school, you can start various vocational training courses: in retail, in nursing and in occupations as a specialist. Also optometrist or. You can learn two-wheeler mechatronics after secondary school.

What is a secondary school leaving certificate after class 9?

Qualified high school diploma. You get this if you undergo a voluntary “special performance assessment” after the 9th grade. With a qualified lower secondary school leaving certificate, you can attend a vocational school or business school.

What is a high school diploma?

Successful school leaving certificate by passing the 9th grade point average of at least 4.0. Secondary school students and high school students can also have this successful middle school certificate (formerly Hauptschule certificate) confirmed by their school management.

Is 9th grade senior?

The respective lower numbers come about when grade 9 at integrated comprehensive schools and at Freie Waldorfschulen is not regarded as final classes. However, in these school types it is also possible to obtain a school leaving certificate after the 9th grade that is comparable to the Hauptschule leaving certificate.

When was the 9th grade introduced?

In 1969, the major school reform came into force in Bavaria. The 9th school year was introduced. The current school association was legally re-established with a statutory ordinance issued by the government of the Upper Palatinate on September 1, 1969.

How important is 9th grade?

The 9th grade certificate is interesting if you want to start an apprenticeship after the 10th grade. The highest school qualification achieved is always decisive.

How important is grade 10?

Even with the mid-year report card, you often have to apply. But if you are at a grammar school, for example, the 10th grade is not that important. Nevertheless, the material in the upper school builds on the previous years.

Which certificates are important?

This includes job references, the university degree certificate, the vocational training certificate and the certificate of the last school leaving certificate. Don’t forget to put them in a meaningful order. Ideally, the most recent certificate is on top, while the oldest is placed at the back.

Which certificates do I have to send with an application?

Applicants with a lot of professional experience should omit school reports, but the highest academic certificate or training certificate must not be missing. Current job references that match the job are also relevant. As a rule, the last three certificates are sufficient.

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