Which is better business fluent or fluent?

Which is better business fluent or fluent?

English is fluent if the applicant can converse in the language without hesitation or long thinking. He is capable of conversation and can demonstrate this skillfully. Your English is fluent in business if you can also use specialist vocabulary.

What does business fluent mean in languages?

“Fluent” and “business fluent” Business fluent also means being able to interpret nuances in the language during a negotiation.

What does knowledge of English mean?

Anyone who claims to have basic knowledge of a language has a basic vocabulary and masters the most important grammar rules. Fluency on another floor is “business fluent”, which means that you have mastered the language without an accent or errors and that your vocabulary is in no way inferior to that of a native speaker.

What are good spoken and written English skills?

You can indicate “spoken and written” if you have mastered the foreign language to the extent that you can use it to make phone calls, deal with normal business correspondence and not embarrass yourself in meetings. The highest level that a non-native speaker can achieve is “business fluent”.

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