Which is more important Spanish or French?

Which is more important Spanish or French?

French is also an important language in politics and business. In fact, within the European Union, it is more widely spoken than Spanish. As a direct neighbor of Germany, France is also an important trading partner.

Which is easier to learn French or Latin?

If you would rather learn a language than CAD, choose Latin. French is a “living” language that has many exceptions to the rules of grammar – it is not easy to learn. Latin is a “historical” language with simpler rules, therefore easier to learn.

What do you need more Spanish or French?

The languages ​​spoken by most people worldwide: Hindi/Urdu (697.4 million) Spanish (512.9 million) Arabic (422 million) French (284.9 million)

What is the easiest language to learn?

In addition to German, these include English, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, Yiddish and Afrikaans. It has been proven that German learners find it easiest with English, says Ohm. The most spoken language in the world is present everywhere in German everyday life.

Which Romance language is the easiest?

Spanish is the easiest of the Romance languages. With the others, the more you learn, you will later be confronted with many exceptions in the grammar.

What is the fastest language in the world?

Japanese is generally considered to be the fastest language in the world. Almost eight syllables come out of the mouth of the Japanese every second on average. Spaniards speak at a similar speed, Italian and Basque are also considered fast languages ​​if you only consider the number of syllables spoken per unit of time.

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