Which linking words are there?

Which linking words are there?

Linking words that give examples for example (for example) for instance (for example) such as (such as) including

What are time words?

With Time Phrases you can add time information to your text while writing freely or arrange several actions in a chronological order. This will help the reader understand your text better.

What are connecting words?

Connecting words are called linking words in English because they simply connect or link two ideas together. A very simple example: and, the “and” in German, is an English connecting word that can be used to express several ideas within the same sentence.

What are connection words examples?

“Linking words” such as undoubtedly, namely, generally speaking, because, just like, and then, besides, also, while, etc. are used.

What are the beginnings of a sentence?

101 Beginning of sentences: Klaus, Peter, Lieschen… He / She / It… His / Her… The / The / The… One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven… House / Dog / Farm / Stones / Mothers… Singing / Laughing / Dancing … Singing / Laughing / Dancing …

What are Connectives in English?

In order to write stylistically better, you should know a few connecting words – called ‘connectives’ in English. These can of course be placed at the beginning or in the middle as well as at the end of a text and express different intentions.

How do you write good guided writing?

The introductory sentence should lead to the topic … If you know what to look for, you can get a lot of points in guided writing. Pay attention to the task at hand. Work through the required content points. Pay attention to your sentences. Use challenging words as well as adjectives and adverbs.

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