Which microwave popcorn is the best? Which microwave popcorn is the best?

Which Microwave Popcorn is Best?

1st place: Chio Microwave Popcorn The Chio Microwave Popcorn impresses with its taste close to the famous cinema popcorn and is easy to prepare.

Which popcorn corn is the best?

1st place: Seeberger Popcorn Maize, pack of 10 The Seeberger brand’s popcorn maize is of the highest quality.

What is sperm grain?

For our crispy potatoes we only use the best ingredients without additives and only French maize, which is guaranteed to be free from genetic engineering. The special thing about our Pottkorn maize: it puffs up very voluminously and thus offers the perfect surface for delicious caramelization.

Why does corn become popcorn?

The inside of the corn kernel consists of starch-rich tissue that also contains a lot of water. If the corn is heated strongly, the water changes into a gaseous state. Since the water vapor takes up a lot of space, enormous pressure builds up in the corn kernel, which ultimately causes it to burst.

How can you make popcorn out of corn?

For popcorn you need a special corn with a particularly hard shell that is soft and a little damp on the inside. If you throw such a kernel of corn into a saucepan with oil and heat it up vigorously, the water in the kernel turns into steam. That’s why you can’t make popcorn out of normal feed corn.

What is the difference between corn and popcorn corn?

Corn is yellow, popcorn corn is known for its slightly brownish, glassy skin.

Is popcorn corn sweetcorn?

Re: popcorn corn, sweet corn not all varieties are suitable for popcorn corn. Sweet corn is actually not popcorn corn. Sweet corn is harvested when the corn is still soft. Popcorn corn must be fully ripe and dry.

How Much Calories Does Popcorn Have?

Nutritional values ​​for 100 g Calorific value1541 kJCalories368 kcalProtein12.7 gCarbohydrates68 gFat5 g

Can you make popcorn with sweet corn?

Delicious homemade popcorn Heat the oil slowly until the sugar caramelizes, then add the (dried!) Corn kernels. Place a lid on the pan and gently rock it back and forth. Calculate about two small cobs of corn to make a large bowl of popcorn.

Can you make popcorn with regular corn?

Only one special type of corn (Zea mays subsp. Mays convar. Microsperma (Koern.) Asch. Et Graebn.) Is suitable for making popcorn, namely puffed corn (English flint corn). Puffed corn has a very thin, hard and somewhat glassy shell.

Can you make popcorn with any corn?

Popcorn cannot be made from just any type of corn. Only the puffed corn, also called pearl corn, is suitable for the production of the snack.

How many bags of 500 g popcorn?

So you should be able to make 20 liters of popcorn out of one kilogram of corn. 20 times that is a good reference value, a little more, a little less depending on the shape of the popcorns on the day 🙂 says that 30 g of corn make 645 ml.

How many grams of popcorn per person?

At around 180 degrees, the shell of the kernel breaks open, the cornstarch swells outwards and cools in the shape typical of popcorn. For one person, calculate 30 to 40 grams of popcorn corn and 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil. Step: First, heat the vegetable oil or coconut fat very strongly in the pot.

How many grams are 1 liter of popcorn?

For the very curious: 1.6 liter bag of popcorn (small) – 75 grams: approx. 300 calories. 3 liter bag of popcorn (medium) – 110 grams: approx.

How much does a medium serving of popcorn weigh?

A small portion weighs around 145 g, a medium portion 170 g and a large portion 260 g. You can of course also make the popcorn yourself.

How much does a serving of nachos weigh in the cinema?

A serving of nachos (100 grams) with salsa dip (100 grams) has as many calories as two hamburgers (100 grams), namely around 550.

How many calories does a small popcorn have in the cinema?

According to the Cinemaxx snack info, the small portion of popcorn is 145 g, the middle portion is 260 g and the large portion weighs a whole 290 g. Converted into calories, you can choose between 750 or 13 kilocalories for sweet popcorn.

How much calories does popcorn have in the cinema?

Nutritional values ​​for 100 g Calorific value2186 kJCalories522 kcalProtein6.2 gCarbohydrates65.2 gFat26.3 g

How many calories does popcorn have?

100 grams of popcorn have almost 400 kcal.

Why does salty popcorn have more calories than sweets?

When you go to the cinema, you have a choice between salty and sweet popcorn. Incidentally, taking salty popcorn just because of the calories is not worth it, because the additional calories mainly come from the oil that is used in the preparation – and more of this is often used in salty popcorn.

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