Which notes can be deleted?

Which notes can be deleted?

You can only cancel 2 grades in total. As a student, you have absolutely nothing to say because the two grades are automatically calculated out by the school. For example, if you have 9, 7, 8 and 8 points in sports and 6, 8, 8, 8 points in music, then the 6 and 7 points will be deleted.

How many courses do you need for high school graduation?

o Of these 40 courses, you have to include 32 courses in the calculation of the average Abitur grade (overall qualification). Of these 32 courses, a maximum of two advanced courses and four basic courses may have been assessed with less than five points (failed courses).

How much does the communication test count?

The grade for the written part of the exam counts to two thirds, the grade of the communication exam to one third. The schools themselves determine the date for the communication exams.

How many half-yearly services do you have to contribute?

[Amtl. Anm.:] Pupils who attend a WWG or SWG in grade 11 and have taken social studies in two hours per week in accordance with Annex 5 (FN 1), bring in three half-year achievements from the subjects history and social studies.

How many profile subjects bring in?

In total, you can only bring in 40 HJL, ie you can bring in a maximum of 3 or 4 HJL from sports and profile subjects. In terms of the timetable, a maximum of two, because with us the profile subjects are parallel on Wednesday afternoons.

How many sports courses do you have to bring in?

Do you have to include sports courses in the Abitur (Lower Saxony)? Hello, you have to take at least 32 courses and a maximum of 36.

How many courses do I have to contribute to the Abitur Lower Saxony?

To be admitted to the exams, you must have achieved at least 200 points in this first block. Of your 24 basic courses, only four may have been rated with less than 5 points (sub-courses). In the courses that are counted twice, a maximum of three are allowed.

What do you have to bring into the Abitur MV?

Course choice and contribution obligations In the linguistic / literary / artistic field of activity you have to prove the subject German as well as a continued foreign language in all HJ and include it in the section. You also take art or music continuously, but you only have to bring in two HJs.

How many subjects do you have to have in the Abitur?

The Abitur examination consists of five subjects, three of which are written and two oral (colloquium). Written and oral exams are weighted equally. Only subjects that are taken both years can be chosen.

What grades do I need to pass in my Abitur?

The Abitur grade is divided into two parts: How many points must be achieved in order to pass the Abitur in total? To be admitted to the Abitur exams, at least 200 of the 600 possible points must be achieved, and 100 more points more to pass the Abitur!

How much does the 11th grade count in Abitur?

For the Abi grade, the 11th grade does not count at all..You just have to get through, all grades that go into the Abi come from 12.1 to Abi!

How many natural sciences in high school?

When choosing the scientific focus, two scientific and technical subjects must be chosen. In combination with these, however, German or a foreign language is always compulsory.

How often can I sub-points in my Abi?

Class of a Bavarian high school. There you can delete certain half-years, that is, they do not count towards the high school graduation. In addition, you can sub-score a maximum of 8 times.

How many points do you need to pass the Abi?

At the end of the qualification phase (after the four semesters in Q1 and Q2) you must have at least 200 points in order to be admitted to the Abi. You can get a maximum of 600 points. This score of 200 is obtained if you have achieved at least four (sufficient, or 5 points) on all courses.

How can you please through the Abitur?

In order to pass the Abitur, a total of 100 points of the maximum 300 possible points must be achieved in these exams. Back to the 100-point rule: At least two exams must achieve at least 25 points, at least one of which must be an advanced course (LK).

When did I fail my Abitur?

20 points are made up as follows: 3 * examination grade + 1 * grade of the fourth semester. So if you have a sub-course in the fourth semester, five points in the exam are still one. You cannot have more than two sub-courses.

What happens if you fail your Abitur?

You only have a chance to claim the missing points in the Abitur or a repetition of the exam if you are not to blame for failing. An exam challenge can be used, for example, to address incorrect behavior on the part of the examiner or against noise pollution during the exam.

What school leaving certificate do you have if you fail your Abitur?

You will then have the secondary school certificate. If you are looking for an apprenticeship, you could have your points recognized as a Fachabi by the school or the superior authority (after completing the apprenticeship). You could then study a subject that matches your training.

Is it bad if you don’t have a high school diploma?

No, it’s not bad not to have a high school diploma. The majority of people get along well without a high school diploma, and for professional and financial success, social acceptance and personal happiness, a high school diploma is neither required nor absolutely necessary.

Can you repeat the Abitur even if you have passed it?

Anyone who fails the Abitur examination in the first attempt can repeat the Abi examination once. In this case, however, not only the Abitur examination itself, but also the last school year of the qualification phase must be repeated.

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