Which Office App for Android?

Which Office App for Android?

Below is our pick of the best office apps for Android.Documents To Go. Documents To Go is suitable for creating new Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. Smart Office 2. Quick Office Pro. Google Docs. Kingsoft Office. Office Suite Pro. ThinkFree Office Mobile.

Which SMS app for Android?

Best Android Apps for SMS MessagesHandcent SMS. Handcent SMS extends the basic SMS functions of Android smartphones many times over. SMS Backup + With SMS Backup +, SMS, MMS and call logs can be backed up automatically. WhatsApp Messenger. chompSMS. SMS unread count. RemoteSMS Full. SMS popup. Auto SMS.More entries…

Where can I find the SMS app?

First, search for the new SMS app in the Playstore and install the Android tool. Then open the “Settings” app on your smartphone. In the “Wireless & Networks” tab you have to open the full menu via “more”. Here you will find the option “Default SMS app”.

How do I activate SMS?

Step 2: Set up a new SMS/MMS app Open the Hangouts app . Tap Menu at the top . Tap Settings SMS. SMS enabled. Select the SMS/MMS app you want to set as the default app. If you’re using an older device, you may need to tap Default SMS app.

Where are the SMS settings?

Open the Messages app on your smartphone. Tap More. Select Settings. Tap More settings.

Where can I find SMS on Samsung?

Setting up SMS – Samsung Galaxy S8Select MessagesSelect Menu buttonSelect SettingsSelect More settingsSelect SMS Select Message center Enter the message center number and select SET.

Why am I not getting any text messages on my cell phone?

Mobile phone: SMS reception no longer possible – you can do this First restart your mobile phone and try to dial into the mobile network again. Make sure you are in an area with good cell phone reception. Check if only the SMS function is disturbed.

Why can I receive but not send SMS?

I can’t send or receive SMS – what can I do? Turn your phone off and on again, then send a text message again. If the sending still doesn’t work, check the phone number of the SMS center. In the settings, the phone number + must be entered as the SMS center.

Why can’t I receive SMS Vodafone?

Your cell phone must be logged into the Vodafone network. Type the key combination *133# and press the send button (green handset). 2. You will see this information on the display of your device: This phone is now activated for using the SMS and MMS services.

What to do if an SMS does not arrive?

SMS do not arrive – what to do? First of all, check your reception. If the recipient’s mobile phone cannot be reached for a longer period of time, the sending of an SMS can be automatically interrupted. Test the SIM card in another cell phone and check the cell phone in reverse with a second SIM card.

How can you determine whether an SMS has arrived?

With many mobile phones, it is easy to determine whether the SMS actually arrived at the recipient. In the settings there is usually a menu item “Transmission report”. Simply activate and you will receive an SMS as soon as your SMS has been successfully delivered.

Can an SMS get lost?

Recovery depends on storage location SMS messages can be saved either in the mobile phone memory or on the inserted SIM card. By default, the device stores the SMS on its own memory, as this is significantly larger than that of the SIM card.

Why can’t my SMS be sent?

Fix problems sending or receiving messages Make sure your mobile service provider has enough SMS, MMS, or credit to send and receive messages. Check if you have reception. Check if you have Airplane mode turned on.

How do I get my text messages on my new cell phone?

Exactly, with Droid Transfer you can easily transfer text messages from your old Android device to your new Android device. To do this, you need to backup your Android messages to your old Android device – then you can restore the messages to your new Android phone.

What is the message center in SMS?

The phone number of the SMS message center (SMSC) is usually stored automatically when you set up your mobile phone. If receiving and sending SMS does not work for you, simply update the phone number for the SMS message center (SMSC).

What is the message center?

The SMS center or the English name “Short Message Service Centre” (short: SMSC) is responsible for the storage, forwarding and delivery of messages. Among other things, it is checked which tariff options the sender has booked.

Can’t send SMS Lycamobile?

If you are still unable to send or receive SMS, check the so-called message center in your mobile phone’s SMS settings – for Lycamobile Germany this should be +. If another number is entered there, change it and then restart your mobile phone.

Where can I find my SMS Huawei?

Huawei P9Find the menu item “SMS service number” Press the message icon. Save the number of your SMS center. Type + and press the Use icon. Return to the Home screen. Press the Home icon to exit and return to the Home screen.

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