Which pages are part of a term paper?

Which pages are part of a term paper?

Deviations can occur individually. A term paper usually comprises around 35,000 characters including spaces, which corresponds to around 15 pages. Only the pages of the introduction, main part and conclusion are included in the scope (not title page, lists or appendices).

What counts in the number of pages of the bachelor thesis?

Rather, a “page” is defined as a certain number of characters (for example 2,350 characters including spaces). If a thesis is allowed to have 30 pages, the number of characters in the document must not exceed 70500 characters.

Is the cover sheet counted as a page?

No, the cover sheet of the seminar paper is not given a page number. The number of pages only begins with the actual text, i.e. with the first page of the introduction.

Is the table of contents page 1?

The cover sheet and the table of contents have no page numbers. With the introduction of the term paper, the table of contents of your paper starts with page number 1. This is followed by the main part of your homework.

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