Which paper for doctoral thesis?

Which paper for doctoral thesis?

Offset paper is usually a bit thinner: the thickness of the paper is usually between 80 and 120 g / m. 80 g / m correspond to the thickness of conventional copier paper. If you want the print of your dissertation to have a high-quality effect, choose a higher thickness, for example 100 g / m.

How long do I need for my bachelor thesis?

4–5 days are appropriate. Get an overview of the topic, take notes on essential parts of the text and mark them so that you can refer to them quickly. You base your outline on this. Since you have little time, this should be as precise as possible.

How expensive is it to have a bachelor thesis written?

For comparison: The costs for a 40-page bachelor thesis are between approx. 2890 euros and 3200 euros (with empirical data). For a housework, however, you only have to pay 740 to 900 euros.

How many sources bachelor thesis 50 pages?

The number of pages of the scientific paper is taken as a guideline: A paper that contains approx. 40 pages should contain approx. 40 sources.

How long does it take to write a page?

You therefore need half an hour for a page of raw text. That means you need 10 hours for the raw text. Then count the times for the breaks again, about 2 hours. 12 hours correspond to a third of the total time.

How long does it take to write 1000 words?

I will show you 3 steps that will make you a human typewriter. Then you will be able to write around 1000 words within an hour.

How many pages are 5 minutes of presentation?

If you give your lecture in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, I recommend that you plan at least 30 seconds per slide. For a 5-minute presentation that would be a maximum of 10 slides, including the cover sheet, table of contents and sources.

How many words do you speak in a minute?

For a German speaker, a value between 90 and 120 words per minute is in the reference range. The speed of speaking is related to the articulation.

How many words do you need for a 10 minute presentation?

The rule of thumb: “10 minutes, that makes 1000 words.

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