Which pictures can I use?

Which pictures can I use?

In principle, works protected by copyright (this includes high-quality images as well as the simplest graphics, certain lettering, online articles, etc.) may only be used if one has the appropriate rights of use.

How do you create a list of tables?

Click in your document where you want the directory to be inserted. In the “References” tab, go to “Insert list of figures”. Under “Labeling” select “Tables” and finish the process with “OK”.

How do you create a table directory in Word?

How to insert the automatic table directory in your document References tab> In the sub-item Labels> Insert figure directory In the dialog window that now appears, select the label> Table> Confirm with OK.

Where do you start with page numbers?

The pagination (page numbers) begins with the introduction. It is advisable to place the numbers on the top right of the page in a font size of l2pt.

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