Which references do you give?

Which references do you give?

Typical references are former teachers, professors, superiors, or customers and cooperation partners. Relatives or friends are not to be named here. It is important that the reference person can provide information on the way of working and personality.

Who can provide reference information?

As a general rule, the reference information may only be given if the employee agrees to it. He can even prohibit the employer from providing reference information. Such consent cannot simply be taken for granted when a potential employer contacts us.

What information can a former employer provide?

The information from your former employer must not go beyond what applies to the job reference. So you have to be truthful and benevolent. Here, too, there is a subsequent duty of care …. Permitted questions about your work performance, your qualifications and.Your behavior.

How do you know if an interview was good?

The interview lasts longer than planned Even if the HR managers answer your questions in detail and take a lot of notes, these are unmistakable signs that your interview went well.

How do I know that my interview was good?

9 Signs of a successful interview You don’t talk about “if” but “when” Body language reveals a lot. The conversation becomes easy. People you are talking to indicate that they like what they hear. You will be introduced to other team members. Your interlocutor begins to talk about employee benefits. The interview is taking longer than expected.

Did the interview go well?

The interview is taking longer than scheduled. However, if the conversation takes longer, that can be a good sign. If the conversation ends with a clear statement as to when you can expect feedback, this is often a good sign.

How do I ask about the result of the interview?

If the deadline has passed, you should inquire personally – preferably by telephone and with your direct contact person. And even if no feedback has been agreed, you can politely inquire about the status of the selection process and your application one week after the interview.

When will you reply after 2 interviews?

After the second – usually last – interview with the same employer, inquiries can be made in the next few days, unless the company has expressly stated how much time it needs to make a decision.

When to follow up after the interview?

For example, if you are told that the application process will take another two weeks, you can inquire by email no later than three weeks after the interview. Still, don’t be tempted to follow up immediately after the specified time frame has expired.

How do you ask if the position is still available?

Greet politely and friendly, introduce yourself by name (!) And ask if the position is still available. If it says yes, you can also use the interview to ask in which form you would like your application documents and what you would like to see (i.e. certificates, etc.).

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