Which satellite dish for Astra and Hotbird?

Which satellite dish for Astra and Hotbird?

The most common constellation is probably the one for receiving Astra (19.2 degrees East) and Eutelsat/Hotbird (13 degrees East), and this guide also explains this. The satellite dish should have a minimum diameter of 75-80 cm (max. 90 cm !!) in order to be able to receive all programs without interference.

How big does a good satellite dish have to be?

A satellite dish with a diameter of 60 centimeters is sufficient for stationary use on the house wall or on the roof. SAT dishes with a reception area of ​​80 centimeters are recommended if you want to serve several recipients (different devices or several households).

Which satellite system is the best?

The 4 best satellite dishes in a large comparison on STERN.deIllustrationModelDUR-lineQuality aluminum satellite systemSelfsat H30 D1 flat antennaManufacturerDura-SatSelfsatWeight3.84 kg4.5 kgDimensions79 x 18 x 85 cm51.7 x 27.7 x 5.8 cm12

How good is a flat antenna?

Selfsat H30 D4+ Very good 1.3. 0 tests. 586 opinions. Humax H40D4. Very good 1.4. 1 test. 143 opinions. Selfsat Snipe 2. Very good 1.4. 2 tests. Selfsat H30 D4. Very good 1.4. 0 tests. Selfsat H21D+ Very good 1.4. 1 test. Telestar Digiflat 4. Very good 1.5. 3 tests. Kathrein BAS 65. Very good 1.5. 4 tests. Selfsat H30D2+ Very good 1.5. 0 tests.

How does a flat antenna work?

A panel antenna (English flat antenna, also micro strip antenna) is a flat antenna with directional radiation characteristics, which is not – as with parabolic antennas – by focal point focusing, but by interference of the waves of individual excitation elements aligned in one plane as an array (group) …

How does Selfsat work?

How does reception work with a satellite dish?The signal is sent.Signal amplification by the transponder in space.The signal is received by the satellite dish.Amplification and transmission of the signal to the receiver.The signal is converted to a low frequency range.

How does a parabolic mirror work?

Parabolic mirrors have the property of collecting rays that are parallel to the axis exactly at their focal point. Parabolic mirrors work largely independently of the type of wave, provided the mirror is large compared to the wavelength and the wave is reflected at the surface.

How do I have to align my satellite dish?

In Germany, satellite dishes are oriented towards the south. There should be no house, tree or even a bush in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. The direct path towards the sky should be completely clear for a perfect signal. Neighboring houses are also an obstacle.

How can I receive 2 satellites?

Multifeed systems (or squinting systems) are satellite reception systems that consist of a dish, the multifeed bracket and at least two LNBs. This makes it possible to receive two or more satellites (e.g. Astra 19.2° East and Hotbird 13° East).

How can I receive Astra and Hotbird at the same time?

Astra and Eutelsat’s Hotbird can be received with a satellite antenna without much difficulty. The fact that the two positions can be controlled at the same time without any problems is due to the fact that they are not separated by 6°.

How to receive Hotbird?

Receive Hotbird – Here’s how To receive Hotbird TV channels via satellite, align your dish at 13 degrees. Using a SAT finder or a self-aligning satellite dish, you can find the right spot quickly and easily.

Which German channels on Hotbird?

Germany – Here you will find all German TV programs that can be received on Hotbird 13.0° East.TRAVELXP 4K. vacation / travel. 4603. 457. Kabelio SRF 1. 17001. 1711. Kabelio SRF info. 17003. 1731. Kabelio SRF two. 17002. 1721. Baby TV. children’s program. 16925. SRF1HD. General. 17201. SRF two HD. General. 17202. TVRUS. General. 1707.

How many stations on Hotbird?

Our unencrypted general channel list currently includes 101 channels that can be received on Hotbird 13.0° East.

What channels are there on Eutelsat?

unencrypted channels on Eutelsat 16.0° EastKCN. Music. 1007. 702. 703 | closely. Copernicus. Music. 1017. 1702. 1703 | closely. SvetPlus. General. 1004. 402. 403 | closely. RTK-1. General. 1000. 1001. Top News. Messages. 1020. 1021. Euronews Albania. Messages. 2000. 2001. Ndihma e Klientit. Promotion. 1028. 320. K::CN 1. 1351. 251. 3511 | srp.

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