Which satellite is ARD on?

Which satellite is ARD on?

DVB-S: ARD HD is received via the Astra 1N satellite. The downlink frequency is GHz.

How can I receive HD via satellite?

Thanks to satellite TV, you can already receive public broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF, ZDF neo, Phoenix and ARTE freely and free of charge in HD quality via your DVB-S receiver. The DVB-S receiver converts the data received via the satellite dish into a digital image and sound.

Can you watch TV without an HD card?

Of course it works, and the “standard resolution” means no HD. Private HD channels are encrypted with HD+. The “plus” does not mean higher quality. In fact, the highest HD quality is broadcast in HD (without plus) by the public broadcasters.

How much does HD+ cost per year?

The public broadcasters can be received free of charge. However, the private channels can only be viewed in HD if the viewer has an HD+-capable satellite receiver and a chargeable HD+ card. The HD+ card costs 50 euros per year.

When will HD become free?

There is a decision by the Federal Cartel Office, according to which private broadcasters must offer their programs free of charge up to and including 2022. According to the decision, if RTL, ProSieben & Co. switched off their SD signal before the end of this period, they would inevitably have to broadcast their HD programs free of charge.

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