Which school subjects are important for the profession of dental assistant?

Which school subjects are important for the profession of dental assistant?

Dental assistant For the training to become a dental assistant, for example, knowledge of mathematics, German, biology, physics, chemistry and data processing is an advantage.

What do you do as a ZFA?

How does the training as a dental assistant work? If you want to work as a dental assistant, dual training is required. The training lasts a total of three years and takes place in parallel at the vocational school and in the doctor’s practice.

How much does a trained ZFA earn?

After successfully completing vocational training, a dental assistant should earn between 1,610 and 2,303 euros, depending on professional experience.

How much does a part-time dental assistant make?

The average part-time dental assistant salary in Germany is €23,400 per year or €12 per hour.

How much does a dental assistant earn per hour?

2500 euros gross for the dental assistant.

How much does a Dental Assistant make in 2020?

Collective bargaining agreement for dental assistants from years of employment, activity group 1, activity group 27 – – – plus three additional years of employment each68742

How much does a Prophylaxis Assistant make?

After further training as a dental prophylaxis assistant (abbreviated: ZMP), a gross monthly salary of between 2,581 and 2,855 euros is within reach.

What is a prophylaxis assistant allowed to do?

5 ZHG: in particular the production of X-rays; Removal of soft and hard as well as clinically accessible subgingival plaque; filling polishes; Placement and removal of temporary closures; Manufacture of temporary crowns and bridges; Production of situation impressions; Draining the work area…

What does a ZMP earn?

Salary dental prophylaxis assistant (ZMP) in BayernRegion1. QuartileMean valueMunich2,285 €2,719 €Nuremberg2,149 €2,554 €Regensburg2,153 €2,558 €Rosenheim1,841 €2,188 €14

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