Which sectors will be in demand in the future?

Which sectors will be in demand in the future?

We show you which trend jobs are currently available and in which trend jobs you can look forward to positive prospects in the future… Labor market: How are the sectors developing? Banks. Mining. Printing industry. Wood processing. Ceramics industry. Paper factories. Savings banks Entries…

What jobs are there in the future?

New Professions 10 Professions of the Future!Tele-Surgeon.Robot Consultant.Urban Farmer.Aquaponics Fish Farmer.3D Handyman.Dental Technician.Cyber ​​Security Officer.Transporter Analyst.More Entries…•

Which professions will be eliminated in the future?

These 7 professions have no futurewarehouse workers. Automatic incoming goods inspection by camera and computer will make employees superfluous. Personnel Manager. HR departments are already using software to search for and pre-select candidates. Employees in the fast food restaurant. Jurist. bank employee. Construction worker. Sailor.

Which professions will soon no longer exist?

Threatened with extinction These professions will no longer exist in 20 years1 / 11. Machines, robots and computer programs are supporting or replacing human workers in more and more professional fields. 2 / 11. Financial Analysts. 3 / 11. Machine operators and setters. 4/11. Packers. 5 / 11. Buyer. 6/11. 7/11. 8/11.

Will your job still exist in 10 years?

In the latter two sectors in particular, employees expect extensive upheavals: Only 62 percent of those surveyed from trade and retail believe that their profession will still exist in ten years. In the logistics sector, the number is only slightly higher at 63 percent.

Which jobs will be lost due to digitization?

Digitization and automation do not stop at the tech industry either. Many positions in computer typists, call center employees or in the area of ​​data entry are also at risk. According to the CNBC list, a good 20 percent of the jobs will be lost by 2026.

Which professions can be replaced by robots?

These professions are easiest to replace with computers Baking, confectionery, confectionery production. banking and insurance professionals. Construction trades, wood and plastic processing. Miners, mineral miners. professions in personal care. Office assistants, telephone operators, chemical and plastics professions.

Can my job be replaced by a robot?

However, the ability to automate in your job does not change, since all typical activities in your job could be automated through the use of digital technologies. However, that does not mean that automation will actually take place and that the profession will no longer exist in the future.

Will robots take over our jobs?

According to a study, intelligent machines will do half of all working hours in seven years. Despite this, more new jobs are being created than old ones are being lost. It says that by 2025 machines will be able to work more hours than people. …

What can robots do in the future?

Invented to help people, they take on dangerous, dirty tasks that are too difficult for us or monotonous. These robots look like humans and some can even talk. They are in modern hotels, retirement homes or hospitals.

Which professions are dying out?

These 9 professions will be extinct in 10 yearsJewelers. Anyone who still goes to a jeweler today is either called Geiss by last name or is planning to get married soon. newspaper reporter. Few would have expected that: Yes, the reporter’s job is also in danger. data typist. travel agent. Post man. farmers. flight attendant. Tester.

What are the Best Earning Professions?

Salary Atlas 2019 These are the ten best-paid professions in Germany 10th place: Business Developer. 9th place: securities trader. 8th place: sales management/sales management. 7th place: Actuary. 6th place: Regional Sales Manager. 5th place: Key Account Manager. 4th place: Specialist. 3rd place: fund manager.

How likely is it to be replaced by a computer?

How likely is it that I will be replaced by a computer? As a university teacher, there is a 3.2% chance that I will be replaced by a computer in the future.

Which apprenticeships have a future?

Sustainable training: professions with a futureHearing acoustician. 4 vacancies for apprenticeships. Mechatronics engineer. 53 vacancies for apprenticeships. optometrist. 38 vacancies for apprenticeships. professional driver. Plant mechanic – sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology. automobile salesman. real estate agent. Baker.

What jobs for women?

Top 10: well-paid jobs for women 10th place: market researcher. Salary: €70,000 – €80,000 per year. 9th place: PR consultant. Salary: €60,000 – €90,000 per year. 8th place: buyer. 7th place: Personnel Officer. 6th place: real estate agent. 5th place: pharmaceutical representative. 4th place: Investment Advisor. 3rd place: management consultant.

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