Which sources are allowed to be quoted?

Which sources are allowed to be quoted?

Frequently used sourcesScientific journals.Reports.Statistical databases.Books.Newspaper articles.Wikipedia.Internet articles.Forums and social media.More entries… •

Can you quote diploma theses?

If a thesis has inspired you to do your own work, you can quote it. Perhaps the topic is particularly important for your work or you would like to adopt the methodology from the thesis.

How do you quote from a magazine?

Specify the journal in the bibliography Author of the article, year, title of the article, title of the journal, year and number, page range, if applicable. URL or DOI.

When is something quotable?

In principle, all academic texts that are e.g. B. be kept in the university library or department library. This includes, among other things: monographs, manuals, articles from scientific journals and articles from specialist lexicons.

Is Brockhaus Quotable?

Just like its printed predecessors, the Brockhaus Encyclopedia is scientifically sound and therefore citable – also as a source in scientific or pre-scientific papers (VWA), essays or articles. Test our reference works now for 14 days free of charge!

Is Wirtschaftswoche citable?

Practice-oriented magazines and popular science books as well as reference works also do not meet the quality requirements for citation (e.g. Capital or Wirtschaftswoche).

What is a recommendation for action?

Recommendations for action are specific proposed solutions and advice for the research problem that you are investigating in your bachelor thesis. The recommendation for action can be given in a separate chapter that follows the discussion and conclusion.

How do I quote an email?

How to quote correctly in e-mail messages First let the text through your e-mail program (e.g. then delete all irrelevant passages from the quoted e-mail, i.e. the text that you do not mention in your reply. Then select the passage (s) to which you want to respond directly.

How do I quote a translation?

A literally translated source may be written as a literal quotation – i.e. with quotation marks. You will then refer in a footnote that you have done the translation. The original source can also be found there.

How do I quote from lecture slides?

Citing lecture slides and handouts according to APA According to the 7th edition of the APA guidelines, the name of the respective database and the associated URL are given when citing the source. Universities often use internal databases such as Blackboard, N @ tschool, Moodle and Magister.

How do I quote a translated book?

You are using a book that has been translated from English or French into German. In this case you have to add the original title and year of publication as well as the place of publication in brackets. Azande. London 1937).

How do I quote a quote?

If you want to quote a passage of text that already contains quotation marks, put the quote in single quotation marks. You mark your quote as usual with double quotation marks. In this way you can make it clear which quote comes from you and which one you have adopted.

How do I quote an entire paragraph?

If a source is only valid for the previous sentence, it is written in front of the punctuation mark. If, on the other hand, a reference applies to the entire paragraph, it is written after the last sentence after the punctuation mark.

How do I quote a PDF?

As with the respective sources, which are saved as PDF files, the reference in the text consists of the information author, date of publication and page number. Depending on the citation, the reference can be in brackets in the text (APA, MLA and Harvard) or in the footnote (German citation).

How do I quote with footnotes?

When citing in German, the source is not indicated in the text, but in the footnote. A literal or analogous quote is followed by a superscript number that consecutively numbers each reference. In the footnotes there is the corresponding source for each number.

How do I quote in a report?

Citing reports according to APA According to APA, reports are given a reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography, formatted according to APA. After the 7th edition of the APA guidelines, the addition ‘Retrieved from’ is no longer required. Instead, only the URL is given.

How do I quote in the footnote?

How are footnotes cited? After every quotation, regardless of whether it is direct or indirect, there is a superscript number that assigns the quotation to a footnote. The quote and footnote are always on the same page of your bachelor thesis. The source of the quotation is then given in the footnote.

How do I cite internet sources in the footnote?

If you use the German way of quoting, you also give sources for the quotations in your text in the footnotes. This happens in a shortened form compared to the information in the bibliography. The footnote for an internet source should include the author and the date of publication.

How do you quote correctly in academic papers?

While with direct quotations text passages are adopted word for word, with indirect quotations only the content is adopted. Direct quotations should not be used too often in academic papers. However, there is no need to save with indirect quotations.

How do I quote correctly in housework?

To indicate the source, put a short reference with the author’s name, year and page number in brackets immediately after the quote. The full bibliography is then only given in the bibliography at the end of your thesis.

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