Which subjects have an NC?

Which subjects have an NC?

The following subjects are traditionally affected by the NC: medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, psychology, pharmacy and law. How does the numerus clausus work? First of all, you apply as normal for a place in an NC degree program at the respective university with all the necessary documents.

What kind of average do you need for a psychology degree?

At all German universities, the psychology NC in this semester is between 1.1 and 1.5. On average, you need at least a grade of 1.3 to be admitted without any problems.

What grade point average do you need for an engineering degree?

But don’t worry, on the one hand there is often enough choice of universities that have open admission courses (i.e. without NC), on the other hand the required average grade is not that high. With a 2nd or even 3rd degree you are often already in.

Which study has the highest NC?

Figures for the numerus clausus in the 2019/20 winter semester The subject group of law, economics, social sciences and social sciences has the highest NC rate (51 percent), that of languages ​​and cultural studies the lowest (29 percent).

Does business administration have an NC?

Does every business administration degree have an NC? No! Above all, at private universities, the allocation of study places is only rarely regulated by the NC, usually a university selection process comes into play here.

Where can you study business administration without an NC?

If, for example, you need an Abitur for a business administration degree in Cologne or Berlin, the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences or the Trier University of Applied Sciences can be an alternative. Here you can also study business administration without a Super Abi.

How high is the NC?

Take a closer look: the NC varies greatly. A smaller proportion (38.4 percent) of degree programs at universities still have an NC than those at universities of applied sciences (44.5 percent). Bachelor’s and master’s courses have roughly the same values ​​of around 40 percent.

What is the NC for primary school teaching?

NC examples for teaching degree coursesUniversityCourse courseNCUni CologneGerman2.0 to 2.5TU DortmundEnglish2.1 to 2.9Uni MünsterMatheall applicants admittedUni LeipzigBiology1.4 to 2.21 more row

For which courses do you need an NC?

Courses in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and dentistry are so popular that admission to all universities nationwide is restricted, ie they are subject to a numerus clausus. The application and the allocation of study places for these courses are handled centrally by the Foundation for University Admissions.

Which NC do you need for a grammar school teaching degree?

If you would like to study for other types of school, i.e. Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium, the course is often completely admission-free, so you just have to apply. If you want to study to become a teacher with a focus on special schools, then you have to expect an NC of around 2.4.

For which course do you need the major Latinum?

Latinum as a study requirementLatin as a study requirement. Knowledge of Latin and Greek is of great benefit for many courses, for example medicine, pharmacy and law. Latinum or knowledge of one of the following European foreign languages ​​is required for English: French, Italian, Spanish.

Where can I study teaching without an NC?

Teaching at secondary and junior high schools At the JLU, you can make it big even without an NC. For example, by studying to become a teacher at secondary and junior high schools. With the exception of biology (L3, grammar schools), admission to both courses is not restricted.

What NC do you need for biology?

Studying biology: Requirements and NC Your school-leaving grade is also important for biology. However, the NC for the subject varies greatly at the universities. At locations such as the Freie Universität Berlin, you must achieve an NC of 1.5 for the Bachelor of Science in the winter semester 2018/2019.

How long do you have to study to become a biologist?

The bachelor’s/master’s course The bachelor’s course basically consists of a four-semester basic course plus a two-semester main course. After these six semesters, a scientific work must be completed, for which approximately three to four months should be available.

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