Which title in salutation?

Which title in salutation?

More recently, when addressing dignitaries, Mr. or Mrs. Since around 1970, however, the salutation has increasingly been replaced by the name, e.g. Mr. Schmidt, Ms. Müller.

How do you write to someone with a PhD?

The title Professor overwrites the title Doctor. It is always called Dear Professor NAME or Dear Professor NAME, i.e. always without a doctorate and other additional titles. Professor is never abbreviated in the salutation (i.e. never Prof.).

When do you use articles and when not?

A null article, i.e. no article, precedes: Nouns in the plural of the indefinite article. Names of countries or cities. Proper names.

When do you use de?

“De la” is used for feminine and singular. “Des” is used in the plural. There is no division article after “sans”. After a quantity, there is only “de” or “d ‘” in front of the noun.

When do you use one or one?

one – none The noun “ham bread” is neuter, “ham” is masculine. The article masculine accusative is “ein”, accusative neuter is “ein”.

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