Which TV cable do I need?

Which TV cable do I need?

HDMI type A is most commonly used – a TV usually provides several connections for it. If these are not sufficient, HDMI TV cable distributors can help. For compact devices such as smartphones and tablets you need one of the small types HDMI Mini or HDMI Micro.

Which shielding for antenna cable?

Shielding of antenna cables For TV signals, antenna cables with a shield of more than 85 decibels (>85 dB) are generally sufficient. Antenna cables with an even higher shielding value are only necessary if there are interference signals or sources of interference in the vicinity.

How can I shield a cable?

A simple method is to use metal shielding braided around the cables to be protected. A shielding braid protects against electromagnetic waves. This shielding, often made of copper, ensures what is known as electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC for short.

Which antenna cable for 4k?

5-way shielded HDTV 4K UHD. The 135 dB coaxial antenna cable SatKabel, RG6, 135dB, 5-fold shielded, with steel-copper inner conductor, is a very high-quality coaxial cable with low signal attenuation and 5-fold shielding.

How many dB with coaxial cable?

Coaxial cables are often offered with shielding values ​​of 90 to 120 dB, but their actual values ​​are significantly lower than those specified. Some of these cables are no longer even suitable for digital use.

How expensive is an antenna cable?

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What is the maximum length of an antenna cable?

AW: Maximum antenna cable length Up to 50 meters there shouldn’t be any problems. With some receivers you can also switch to long cable routes, so that cable lengths of more than 50 meters should also be possible.

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