Which words are lowercase?

Which words are lowercase?

Adjectives or “like” words are written in lower case (e.g. “healthy”, “smart”). Adverbs are written in lower case. Adverbs show a place, a time, a reason, a way or even an increase (example: “after”, “inside”, “often”). Verbs are lowercase.

When is an action word capitalized?

Action words are written in lower case. Action words = laugh, sing, cry, dance. But sometimes action words are used in a sentence as a noun then they are capitalized!

When is an adjective capitalized?

If adjectives are used like a noun, we have to capitalize them. Caution! The nouns are of course also capitalized if they are preceded by a preposition: this is a great quiz show for young and old.

When is everyone capitalized?

like “none”, “no one”, “all”, “some” and is written in lower case except at the beginning of the sentence. Except at the beginning of a sentence, “everyone” is almost always written in lower case, unless you’re using the play Jedermann. Except at the beginning of a sentence, “everyone” is written in lower case.

When do you say everyone?

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what does each mean

1) anyone, anyone. 2) everyone, everyone, everyone. Opposite words: 1) none, few, some, several, many.

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