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White brick wall? Yes, let the rustic charm of your home come out!

White is the absolute classic among colors in interior design and no trendy shade could earn its eternal fame for itself. The white color can be seen everywhere in the interior, for example on elegant furniture, tiled floors, but above all on the walls. White brings the interior to a sublime level, it exudes cleanliness, symbolizes innocence and gives the ambience a special charm. This is always paired with a feeling for space. Today we want to deal precisely with the plus points of the whitewashed walls in room design. More precisely, let’s focus our attention on the white brick wall. We report how the white brick wall inscribes itself in the individual living styles and how you can benefit from it. Stick with it and let yourself be surprised and maybe even inspired to integrate a white-painted brick wall into your interior.

The white brick wall reveals the quaint beauty of your home.


Do you like this stylishly designed living room under the sloping roof?

weiße Ziegelwand stilvoll gestaltetes Wohnzimmer unter der Dachschräge helle Ledercouch Pelze Teppich Lampe Tisch Vase mit grünen Zweigen

White brick wall? Do you need to paint the exposed wall white?

Exposed brick walls are a popular attraction in room design. On the one hand, they reveal secrets in the building structure of the house. On the other hand, they have a quaint beauty that can neither be overlooked nor surpassed. Such walls used to be typical of the industrial style, but today they can be seen in very different living styles. They are so attractive that they instantly turn into great eye-catchers. To make the exposed brick walls even more interesting, they have been painted white for years. This way, the texture of the whitewashed brick wall comes out better. It also creates more visual interest. Without a doubt, its bitter charm comes out better when painted in white. In addition, the white brick wall is immediately associated with a rustic interior. Even a little more. This can also be ideally incorporated into modern living styles, for example those from the middle of the last century to Scandinavian and minimalist.

Our picture examples show how well a white brick wall inscribes itself in very different living styles….

weiße Ziegelwand geräumiges Wohnzimmer weiße Couch Wurfkissen Kaffeetisch Kerzen Lampe Leiter an die Wand gelehnt

…. and looks quaint, beautiful and eye-catching everywhere.

weiße Ziegelwand enges Wohnzimmer moderne Möbel Couch Lampen Hängeleuchte

Which rooms does a white brick wall go with?

A whitewashed brick wall can add a special touch to any room. The white-painted bricks look good in the hallway, where they often amaze guests. But they have a strong presence in the living room. There you can make the white brick wall an eye-catcher of the interior and combine it with white upholstered furniture. But if you like visual contrasts, you can place black furniture in front of the white brick wall. The visual effect in this case is huge. In addition, the white painted brick wall can be paired with tables and cupboards made of light wood. Add a few evergreen houseplants to this interior and you have an extremely cozy living room. Definitely no one wants to leave this!

However, a mix of different styles can result in a cozy ambience.

weiße Ziegelwand ein Mix aus verschiedenen Stilen helle Holzmöbel viele Grünpflanzen ein gemütliches Ambiente

A smooth white wall is boring. But definitely not a white brick wall!

weiße Ziegelwand im Schlafzimmer Hingucker hinter dem Schlafbett ruhige Wohnatmosphäre

It is undisputed that white brick walls are celebrating their great comeback in the bedroom today. In this very private space, they immediately set the tone. People like to design the bed with soft textures, which are usually light pastel colors. This compensates for the roughly rough look of the white brick wall. In this way, maximum peace and serenity prevail in the bedroom. Can you ask a little more from this cozy space? We hardly think!

A cozy bedroom where maximum peace and serenity prevail.

weiße Ziegelwand Schlafzimmer weiche helle Texturen bequemes Bett Beistelltisch Flechtkorb immergrüne Topfpflanze kleiner Teppich

In a modern dining room, a white brick wall immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

weiße Ziegelwand Blickfang im modern eingerichteten Esszimmer Hängeleuchten Esstisch Stühle

As you can see, a white brick wall can look great and in the right place anywhere in the house. Our examples prove that. Below you will find beautifully designed whitewashed brick walls that are in the kitchen or dining room. In addition to their rustic beauty and rustic charm, they score with their attractive look. These rooms can then also be designed with other home accessories, works of art and green plants. The cosiness of such an ambience is guaranteed!

Now scroll down and be inspired by the following design ideas. Would you also like to have a white brick wall in your own home?

The white brick wall and black furniture create a strong visual contrast.

weiße Ziegelwand schwarze Möbel Wohnzimmer bilden einen starken visuellen Kontrast

A cozy corner has been created in front of the white brick wall. Here we can still see beautiful indoor flowers, a beautiful mural and a shelf for firewood.

weiße Ziegelwand gemütliche Ecke Sessel viele grüne Zimmerpflanzen Regal für Brennholz Ein Wandbild

The white brick wall is a great addition to any dining room.

weiße Ziegelwand Esszimmer Esstisch aus Holz rote Stühle Schränke Geschirr

weiße Ziegelwand niedrige Möbel im japanischen Stil Esszimmer Sofa im Hintergrund Raumdekoration

It looks great in the kitchen too.

weiße Ziegelwand moderne Küche großes Fenster links Holzschränke rechts Hängeleuchten grüne Topfpflanzen

weiße Ziegelwand Küche im rustikalen Stil strahlt Gemütlichkeit aus

A bedroom to fall in love with!

weiße Ziegelwand Schlafzimmer zum Verlieben weiche Texturen helle Farben Wandbild

weiße Ziegelwand helles Ambiente gemütliches Schlafzimmer bequemes Bett Kranz an der Wand

Scroll down and get some inspiration for a white brick wall in your home!

weiße Ziegelwand Küche und Wohnzimmer in einem Raum Grau dominiert wenig Möbel Gefühl für Weite

weiße Ziegelwand Flur Treppenhaus links helles Ambiente keine Möbel

weiße Ziegelwand helles Ambiente keine Möbel geräumiges Zimmer

weiße Ziegelwand überall möglich am Eingangsbereich oder auf der überdachten Veranda

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