Who can apply for short-time allowance?

Who can apply for short-time allowance?

How is short-time allowance applied for? In principle, the employer reports short-time work and applies for short-time work allowance. As an employee, you don’t have to do anything.

Which employees count for short-time work?

All employees who work on at least one day of the month with short-time work in the company must be taken into account. This also includes employees who are not employed subject to social security contributions.

How is paid for short-time work?

You do not have to submit an application to the Federal Employment Agency yourself. The short-time work allowance is paid by the employer or the works council. The subsidy from the employment agency is then paid out to the employer, who transfers it together with your remuneration at the end of the month.

What percentage of the wages do you get with short-time work?

How much short-time allowance do I get? As an employee, you will receive 60 percent of the net wage actually due for the lost working hours. If at least one child lives in the household, the short-time work allowance is around 67 percent. The employer must also apply for this.

How is short-time allowance calculated Example?

Calculation of short-time work allowance Example The working hours are reduced by 40 percent. Instead of the regular net salary of around 2,230 euros, he now receives around 1,330 euros net salary from the employer plus 540 euros short-time work allowance, making a total of 1,870 euros. This corresponds to a loss of income of 360 euros or

How much money do I get with zero short-time work?

As a rule, only 60 percent of the net salary is paid. If at least one child lives in the household of the recipient of short-time work allowance, he will receive 67 percent of his missing net salary.

How much is my short-time work allowance in 2020?

The increased benefit rate of 70 percent (77 percent with children) from the 4th month of Kug receipt or 80 percent (87 percent with children) from the 7th month will now be extended to the end of 2021 instead of the end of 2020 granted.

What is short-time work zero?

Whether the loss of work lasts for hours, days or even weeks depends on the order situation and the agreements in the company. With “short-time work zero”, the loss of work is 100 percent, which means that work is completely suspended for a temporary period.

How high is the reduced gross wage for short-time work?

Reduced gross wage: Describes the gross wage of the actual reduced working hours before the application for short-time work. Example: If you only work 60% of the actual working time, 60% of the actual gross wage counts as the reduced gross wage.

How is the increase for short-time working calculated?

This means that employees receive 70% or 77% of short-time work from the fourth month, and 80% or 87% from the seventh month. The KuG is calculated based on the lump-sum net loss of earnings (difference between target and actual wages) in the month for which you registered short-time work.

How is vacation time calculated for short-time work?

The employee receives an unreduced vacation pay for the duration of the vacation. In spite of the short-time work, the vacation remuneration is calculated according to the unreduced remuneration of the last 13 weeks in accordance with Section 11 Paragraph. Employees can therefore avoid loss of earnings due to short-time work by taking vacation.

How do I have to be available for short-time work?

Do I have to be reachable and available during “short-time work zero”? Yes, because short-time working may be interrupted for a short time and work then has to be resumed.

How flexible does an employee have to be when it comes to short-time work?

Summary: Flexible short-time work is legally only possible by mutual consent. The employees have signed off on short-time work. However, no regulations / agreements / duration of short-time work were specified here.

How long do you work with short-time work?

An employee has a contractually agreed working time of 40 hours per week. His gross monthly salary is 1733 euros. Case 1: The employee is shortened from 40 hours to 30 hours. This means that he only works 75 percent of his contractually agreed working hours.

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