Who can become a board member?

Who can become a board member?

The board of directors is elected by the general assembly. It is not to be equated with the supervisory board in Germany and Austria, because in contrast to this, the administrative board is not just a supervisory body (Art.

How many board members does an AG need?

A board of directors of a Swiss AG can consist of only one person.

How many people does it take to found an AG?

According to the revised company law (in force since January 1, 2008), only one person (shareholder) is required to found a stock corporation. According to the old law, it took at least three people (shareholders).

How many people does an AG need?

Type and number of partners / shareholders: At least one shareholder (one-person AG). Other natural or legal persons, foreign companies and commercial partnerships are possible. At least 3 additional natural persons are required on the supervisory board.

How much capital do you need for an AG?

The company capital (share capital) must be at least CHF 100,000 (Art 621-622 OR). At least 20% must be paid in (paid up), whereby the required minimum amount is CHF 50,000 (Art. 632 OR). The capital does not necessarily have to be paid in cash.

When does it make sense to found an AG?

The corporation also includes the legal form of the stock corporation or AG for short. Establishing an AG is only suitable for large start-up projects. If you set up an AG as a start-up, you need a high start-up capital of € 50,000.

What do I need to set up an AG?

The establishment of an AG is bound to extensive formalities. In addition, founders need a high level of equity, because the AG needs a share capital of 50,000 euros, which is divided into shares.

What can you achieve if you hold the majority of a stock corporation?

In principle you are right. If you have the majority, then you can determine the supervisory board, thus appoint board members and so on. It is the same with the dividend. That has to be determined by the general meeting and since you then have the majority there, you can enforce your will.

Is every shareholder invited to the general meeting?

Each shareholder receives an invitation. In addition to the general meeting, according to German company law, the management board and the supervisory board are the organs of an AG, KGaA and SE. The personal invitation to the ordinary general meeting by the board of directors must be made at least 30 days before the date of the general meeting.

What rights and obligations does a shareholder have?

For many shareholders, the right to share in the profits and the right to participate in the general meeting are usually in the foreground. Right to vote. Another right of every shareholder is the right to information. Payment of the share (s) fiduciary duty.

What influence do shareholders have?

How much influence a shareholder has over a company depends on the type of shares and the number of shares they hold. The larger the block of shares, the more influence a shareholder can exert on the company.

Are shareholders owners?

Whoever buys a share becomes a co-owner of a company. He becomes a partner, i.e. one of many who proportionally owns the assets of the stock corporation, or AG for short.

Why do shareholders buy stocks?

The Benefits of Buying Shares The dividend gives shareholders ongoing interest on their investment, even if they don’t want to sell the stock. Due to strong price fluctuations, stocks promise very large profits – in the long term, but also in a short period of time.

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