Who can call themselves a computer scientist?

Who can call themselves a computer scientist?

Yes, if you have a degree in computer science, you can call yourself a software engineer in development, for example. Software engineer is protected under German law and requires a degree from a technical university.

What is a protected profession?

Protected job titles Veterinarian. Dentist. Psychotherapist, psychological psychotherapist, child and adolescent psychotherapist. Lawyer, Chamber Legal Counsel, Patent Attorney.

Is Journalism A Protected Profession?

Journalist is not a protected professional title. Anyone who publishes can call themselves a journalist. Article 5 of the Basic Law states: “Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate their opinion in speech, writing and pictures…”

What is state recognized?

State recognition is a certification or authentication of a social worker or social pedagogue by an authorized state authority, which is known in Germany and is required for the execution of certain sovereign tasks.

What degree do I need if I want to work in community service?

A prerequisite for working as a social worker is at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of “social work”. This course is usually offered by universities of applied sciences throughout Germany and lasts between six and eight semesters.

What does a social worker earn?

Salary of social workers according to qualification While a non-academic social worker earns an average of 3,450 euros per month, a social worker with a diploma or master’s degree earns an average of 3,850 euros per month.

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