Who decides where the child goes to school Who decides where the child goes to school?

Who decides where the child goes to school?

Free choice of school: The choice of primary school is a matter of the state. That means: Children who live in the vicinity of a certain school are automatically assigned to it. This process is known as the Schulsprengel principle.

How can I let my child change schools?

It is advisable to always change schools for the new year or semester. It is possible, however, if the old and the new school agree to start at a different school in the current school year. Conclusion: It is possible to change schools. However, there must be serious reasons.

When do you register a child for school?

School registration takes place up to 1 year before starting school. When and how this happens depends on the child’s place of residence. As a rule, the parents are contacted in good time by the education authority, sometimes even directly with the date and the school at which the registration has to be made.

What to do when teachers yell at students

Can a teacher yell at me? Students have a right to a non-violent upbringing. Mental injuries and degrading measures are prohibited. That means: If there is a mental injury in the screaming, it is forbidden for the teacher.

What to do if you don’t get along with the teacher?

Let them see that you care most about getting in touch. Avoid wanting to “know better” something, but be clear about your own opinion. Instead of trying to teach the teacher, try to make your own thinking clear to him.

What teachers can and cannot do?

What Your Teacher Is Not Allowed Your teacher is not allowed to impose punishments that are degrading. This includes physical punishment like squats or facing the wall. These measures are not educational, but merely embarrass the student.

Are surprise tests allowed?

Yes, it is allowed. Refusal to work is always a 6 (or 5 in Austria). Work must be announced at least 1 week in advance. (Surprise) tests DO NOT HAVE to be announced at all!

Can a certificate be changed afterwards?

Yes, but only if a grade is VERY wrong or there is an entry error; not if only YOU think it’s wrong. So you would have to PROVE that the certificate grade is incorrect. In principle, data / content can still be changed until the certificates are issued.

What happens if you don’t sign the certificate?

Signing the certificate does not mean agreeing to it. The parents’ signature is just to verify that they saw it. If your child does not agree with the testimony, she should take it to me at the teacher’s office hour.

What happens if you have a 6 on your certificate?

To compensate for a five in one of the core subjects German, mathematics, and the first and second foreign language, you need at least a three in another core subject. If you have two fives or a six in these compartments you stay seated. Otherwise, you need two twos from balance for a six.

Do you get a 6 on your certificate?

A six in a core subject (main subject) is unfortunately not compensable and prevents a regular transfer. A trial transfer at the grace of the teachers’ conference is only possible in cases of hardship. Two fives or a 6 do not move you.

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