Who does Romeo kill?

Who does Romeo kill?

But due to a mishap, the news does not reach Romeo. When Romeo found out about Juliet’s death and her burial in the family crypt, he returned to Verona and killed himself with poison at Juliet’s grave. Just then, Juliet wakes up, but Romeo can no longer be saved.

Who did Romeo kill?

In the crypt of the Capulets he meets Count Paris, whom he mortally wounds in a furious battle. Romeo swallows the poison and dies at Juliet’s feet. She wakes up a few moments later, realizes that her plan has failed and kills herself with Romeo’s sword.

Who should Julia actually marry?

Meanwhile, in Verona, Juliet is to be married against her will to Paris, a favorite of the Capulet parents. In order to avoid this marriage, she embarks on a risky plan with Father Lorenzo. In order to be united with Julia in death, he takes poison and dies at her side.

How does Romeo affect Juliet?

In the drama Romeo and Juliet he describes the love between two people that fails because of the narrow-mindedness and ignorance of those around them. Narrow-mindedness and ignorance are revealed by the quarrels between Romeo’s and Juliet’s families. The play was composed in 1596 and takes place at the beginning of the 14th century.

What does Juliet say to Romeo?

If you don’t love me, just let her find me: it would be better for me to die because of her hate than to live without your love. JULIA.

Why is Shakespeare so successful?

Shakespeare became famous for his plays, which are still performed all over the world today. Some are funny, like the comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Others are sad and don’t have a happy ending. These are so-called tragedies.

What poison killed Hamlet’s father?

In his tragedy Hamlet, William Shakespeare called Hebenon or Hebona a plant whose poison was used to kill Hamlet’s father.

What killed Hamlet’s father?

One night the ghost of his dead father appears to Hamlet and confirms what he has long suspected: his father was murdered by Claudius. The ghost orders Hamlet to avenge the murder but to spare his mother. Hamlet now assumes a whimsical nature and disguises himself.

How was Hamlet’s father killed?

Ophelia promises this. During the night, Hamlet learns from his father’s ghost that he was not killed by a snake bite but was poisoned by Claudius. He urges Hamlet to avenge his death while sparing his mother.

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