who is god to you

who is god to you

For me, God is a God of beauty, wisdom, diversity, omnipotence – a God who, like a loving father, strives for his children to bring them back into his community. Anyone who enters into this fellowship with God can be sure of protection, safe guidance, and boundless love.

How do I explain to my child who God is?

A god is a supreme being who is above nature. It has powers and properties that cannot be explained in a natural way. Many people believe in such beings, but they often have very different opinions about what a god is.

What does belief in God mean to me?

To me, faith means trusting that God exists. It makes me feel like I’m never left. In prayer I can turn to God with thanks and requests, in good times and in bad. I can also argue with him he will stay by my side.

What is meant by God?

A god (depending on the context also goddess) or deity usually refers to a supernatural being that has great transcendent power that cannot be scientifically described.

who is the god

This creed describes the one God in the form of the holy, divine trinity of the three divine persons God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Who are the Archangels?

The group of seven archangels (Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Sariel, Gabriel, and Remiel) appear for the first time in the twentieth section of the first book of Enoch.

What kind of angel was Lucifer?

In his epic verse Paradise Lost (1667), John Milton depicts Lucifer – whom he calls “Satan” there and thus equates it with him – as a proud, ambitious angel who, having rebelled against God, finds himself overthrown in hell.

What are the Archangels in Islam called?

Isrāfīl (Arabic إسرافيل , DMG Isrāfīl), in English “The Burning One”, is one of the four archangels in Islam. Belief in angels was known in Arabia even before Mohammed. They have been integrated into the belief system of Islam and are second only to Allah.

What did Archangel Michael do?

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947, Michael is referred to as the “Prince of Light” who leads the hosts of God against the forces of evil under Belial. He also bears the title “Viceroy of Heaven”.

Which angel is responsible for health?

The Hebrew rapha’el or raphach means: “God heals (the soul). Raphael is referred to as the angel of healing. His name shares the root word with the Hebrew word for healing (rophe).

What does Saint Michael mean?

Saint Michael or Saint Michael is the name of the following persons: Michael (archangel), conqueror of Satan and weigher of souls on the day of judgment (feast day of Michael is the 29th of

What is the meaning of the name Michael?

The first name Michael comes from the Greek from the Hebrew (Hebrew מיכאל (Mikha’el)) and means “Who is like God? “. It is named after the archangel Michael, who in the New Testament represents the fighter of the devil and hell dragon.

What is the meaning of Alexander?

Alexander is a male given name, which is also common as a family name. It comes from the ancient Greek name Alexandros and means “the defender, the protector”, as it is composed of the verb “aléxein” (“protect, defend”) and the noun “andrós” (“man, man”).

Who is like God Michael?

The only thing left of the patron saint of the Germans was the “German Michel”, a character who trudged through history with his pointed cap between sluggishness and touching naivety. MICHAEL, “Who is like God? “. That is the name of this messenger of God in Hebrew.

What does the name Anna mean?

The female first name Anna comes from the Hebrew first name Hannah (from Channa or Channah) and means “grace” or “grace”, which is why “Anna” is also considered “the lovely”. “Anna” can also be seen as the female form of the male name Anno.

What does the name Julia mean?

Julia is a given name for girls, which comes from Latin and means “of the Julier family”. The name derives from the word “Iulus”, the grandson of the goddess Venus. The male form Julius was a popular Roman surname and is considered the template for the female given name Julia.

Is Anna a holy name?


What does the name Caroline mean?

Caroline is the diminutive form of the Old High German first name Karla, female form of Karl ‘the free’ or Romanic Carol ‘the beloved’.

Where does the name Caroline come from?

Monaco-Ville, MonacoLe Palais Princier

Where does the name Charlotte come from?

Origin and meaning of the first name Charlotte The name Charlotte is made up of the Old High German word “karal” (for “free”) – in its romanized spelling Carl – and the French diminutive extension “-otte”.

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