Who is responsible for running the JVA?

Who is responsible for running the JVA?

entered into force in January 1977. According to 162 et seq. StvollzG, a prison advisory board is to be set up in every prison, in which citizens perform voluntary advisory and control tasks. As part of the federal-state compensation process, responsibility for the execution of sentences has passed to the states.

How can I become a correctional officer?

The basic training to become a prison guard consists of 5 phases: a 3-week theoretical introduction, a 5-week internship, 24-week training in the prison academy, 16-week service phase and a 4-week repetition and consolidation phase.

How much does a day in jail cost?

Many offenders go to prison because they cannot pay their fines. Cost for the taxpayer: 131.62 euros per day and prisoner.

What do I take with me to jail?

For example, I can take books with me, but no magazines. I can also take stamps with me, but no envelopes or stationery. In the end, a colorful hodgepodge of clothing, books, knitwear, writing and painting materials, and a yoga mat ends up in the suitcase.

What happens to my apartment if I go to jail?

The social welfare office pays the rent for a maximum of 6 months, after which it must be dissolved. The furniture can be stored in containers, but this is usually not the case since the prisoner has to bear the costs himself. As a prisoner, you get pocket money from the social welfare office.

What can I take with me to JVA Aichach?

You are allowed to bring: Cash, photographs of people close to you (no Polaroid photos), wristwatch (up to a value of €150 and without additional functions such as image storage, camera and computer functions and without city call or other broadcasting and Reception possibility), marriage or engagement ring …

Are cell phones allowed in prison?

They are only allowed to use the mobile phones in the cell, they are not allowed to delete conversation and SMS histories. JVA employees can check the phones at any time, but according to the judicial authorities, conversations are not bugged.

Which jail is the hardest in Germany?

The correctional facility in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, celebrated its inauguration in 1995 and offers space for over 700 prisoners and prisoners on remand.

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