Who Said Death Is My Son In Law

“Who said death is my son in law?” asks Lord Capulet as he prepares to take Juliet to church. He says, “I laid him with Juliet,” which means that Death is now the couple’s son-in-law and heir. The young and beautiful Juliet thinks this is unfair, and says that death is a fool’s errand. In the poem, the personification of Death is one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and memorable lines.

In the same scene, Lord Capulet compares the young Juliet’s apparent death to a flower killed by an early winter frost. Then he likens her apparent death to the marriage with death. When she dies, the heir, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law will all inherit the estate from her parents. This is the perfect metaphor for a marriage that has been strained by unrequited love.

The metaphor of the moon in the play is also apt. Romeo uses the moon to compare the death of Juliet to the early winter frost. In the same way, he equates the early death of Juliet with the marriage with death. In this way, he equates Juliet’s apparent death with marriage with death. However, the heir in law and son-in-law relationship are very similar.

In Romeo’s play, the sun represents the bride, while the moon symbolizes the bride. Throughout the play, death represents the bride’s death. It is a symbol that represents a woman’s remorse. This image is symbolic in describing the death of the bride-to-be. It also shows the marriage’s relationship with death. The two women are now related, but there’s no need to feel remorse.

The first death in Romeo’s play is the death of the young Juliet. Her death is a metaphor for death, and death is a metaphor for life. It is a synonym for death. In his case, the sun represents death. The moon is the marriage between a man and a woman. The moon is a symbol of love and a relationship between two people. In a marriage with death, the woman is married to a mate who is also dead.

The death of young Juliet is not a good death. The death of a young woman is an incredibly sad event. It is tragic for both of the parties involved. But when tragedy strikes, it is a good opportunity to make the marriage work. In this way, the two people can grow together and make a lasting commitment. They can make a marriage work for everyone. In addition, they can be friends for life.

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