Who should be addressed with the advertisement?

Who should be addressed with the advertisement?

Target group: (Not) a question of age? A frequently mentioned target group are the 14-49 year olds, who are classified as advertising relevant by the advertising industry. This means that these people can be particularly well addressed through advertising on television, the Internet and the printed media.

Who are the target groups?

A target audience is understood in marketing as a certain number of market participants who react more homogeneously to communication policy measures than the overall market. Any kind of stakeholder group can be considered as a target group, in addition to consumers also wholesalers or opinion leaders.

Which advertising makes sense?

A standard recommendation in marketing is: 1 to 3 percent of sales must be invested in advertising. Online marketing: “It always makes sense to have your own website plus search engine optimization or AdWord ads, because you get every euro you invest back,” says the expert.

What do you have to consider when advertising?

An advertising message should be short, crisp and, above all, understandable. In general, avoid cumbersome boxed sentences, phrases, generalizations, technical language and ambiguous formulations! As already mentioned at the beginning, take into account the “language of your target group”.

What goes in an advertisement?

If one speaks of classic advertising, the media television, radio and newspapers quickly come to mind. Even in the age of social media, companies rely on advertising in print media, radio or TV. But direct marketing, outdoor advertising or promotional items also fall under classic advertising.

How is good advertising structured?

So how is an ad structured? Let’s summarize briefly: is the advertising characterized by various elements such as an eye-catcher or eye-catcher in order to attract attention. It provides information about the product with a headline or with a slightly longer body text or copy.

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