Who will help me with my bachelor thesis?

Who will help me with my bachelor thesis?

A coach can help you deliver a good bachelor thesis. Every student can take advantage of this help, regardless of which university they are studying at.

How do I find a topic for my bachelor thesis?

8 tips to find the topic of your bachelor thesis Disorderly write down any ideas that come to mind. Past term papers. Personal projects. Current literature. Exchange with others. Collected experience. Career entry. In the company.

Is proofreading allowed?

Yes, editing and proofreading of bachelor theses, master theses or dissertations is legal. As long as nothing is changed in the content or the performance of the scientific work and only the following points are taken into account, proofreading is permitted: Linguistic errors and typing errors.

How much does proofreading cost?

di, even quoted these prices in 2008 for the professional association of freelance copywriters for “proofreading and editing per hour 50–80 euros (average 70 euros)”. According to the company’s own website, the current rate is 90 euros; if that is the average, the price could also be between 70 and 100 euros.

How good is Scribbr?

We have found a serious and transparent exception with the provider Scribbr. Scribbr is the only provider who always offers editing and proofreading services as a standard offer and only charges one price for them.

What is Scribbr?

Scribbr is an online platform. Our editing and proofreading services are carried out by proofreaders around the world who work from home. This means that we can continue to guarantee that your order will be processed professionally and on time. The same applies to our plagiarism check.

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