Why am I applying for a scholarship?

Why am I applying for a scholarship?

Why do I apply for a scholarship with a letter of motivation? The aim of the application and your letter of motivation for a scholarship is to receive financial support. So in the end you are applying for money so that you can pursue your research project without financial worries.

How do you get a scholarship?

Usually you have to apply to get a scholarship. How the application process works differs from scholarship provider to scholarship provider. A letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae (in tabular or essay form) and an expert opinion are usually expected.

Where can I get a scholarship?

These are, for example, companies, foundations, alumni and other private individuals. The universities pay the Germany scholarship directly to the students. Funding usually lasts at least two semesters. But a longer duration is also possible.

How hard is it to get a scholarship?

Getting a scholarship is easier than some students think. Those who apply skillfully have a good chance of getting extra pocket money. Many students do not even dare to apply for a scholarship because they do not think they have any chances anyway.

How do you get a medicine scholarship?

MLP-Scholarship-Medical Excellence ScholarshipTarget groupFinancial supportGLG scholarshipMedical students from 3rd semester € 500 Salus scholarship for students of medicineMedical students, psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine / therapy € 750 Hartmannbund scholarship of the Friedrich-Thieding Foundation € 250 for human medicine students € 250

What kind of scholarships are there?

What scholarships are there in Germany? Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. The German National Academic Foundation is the oldest and largest organization for the promotion of talented students in Germany. Germany scholarship. Haniel Foundation. Gerda Henkel Foundation. Promos. Erasmus. Christine Nüsslein Vollhard Foundation. MAWISTA.

How can you finance a medical degree?

Using education funds for medical studies Another, increasingly popular option is the education fund (also called study fund). This is financed by private donors or institutional investors and can cover the cost of living as well as tuition fees and stays abroad.

What does the germany scholarship offer?

Since the summer semester 2011, the Deutschlandstipendium has been promoting students and newcomers whose careers can be expected to perform well in their studies and at work. You receive 300 euros per month – half from the federal government and the other half from private donors.

How much do you get with the germany scholarship?

According to the latest federal statistics from the Federal Statistical Office (Fachserie 11, Reihe 4.6), a total of 19,740 (2012: 13,896) Germany scholarships had been awarded by the end of 2013. This means an increase of 42 percent compared to the previous year.

Why the germany scholarship?

You don’t have to outstrip Albert Einstein right away. But inventiveness, talent and your willingness to take on responsibility are required. Talent, curiosity and an education that is challenging and fun help to achieve outstanding results. …

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

In principle, students up to at least 36 years of age (beginning of studies) are eligible for scholarships in the concordat cantons. The cantons can also support older students financially at their own discretion.

Who receives scholarships in the Canton of Zurich?

– Persons in initial training whose parents are domiciled in the Canton of Zurich under civil law. – People who have completed their initial training who have lived and worked in the canton of Zurich for two years after completing their initial training and who have not completed any training during this time.

How many scholarships can you have?

In principle, scholarships from the Studienstiftung, KAS, Cusanuswerk and Co. cannot be combined in any way. In some cases, and after consultation with the respective foundations, double funding is possible, but you will only ever receive financial support from one organization that supports the gifted.

When do I have to repay the scholarship?

The completion of the funded studies must be submitted to the scholarship office no later than 12 months after the last payment. Otherwise, the entire graduation grant must be repaid.

When are scholarships tax-free?

According to § 3 No. 44 EStG, grants are tax-free if they come directly from public funds. The scholarship may also not exceed the amount required to carry out the research task or to cover the cost of living and training needs.

How long does it take to get feedback on the Deutschlandstipendium?

When will the funding be paid out? The grant applies from September 1st and is paid out retrospectively in December 2016 for the months September – December 2016. From January 2017, € 300 per month will be transferred to the scholarship holders.

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