Why are you applying for this company?

Why are you applying for this company?

An application serves to convince the HR manager that you are the ideal candidate for the position. To achieve this, you had to provide arguments for: Suitability: from your skills and experience. Motivation: for the position and the choice of the company.

Why would you like to work at ENBW?

We want to drive the energy transition forward and increasingly supply people and cities with sustainable energy. And we will develop into a sustainable and innovative infrastructure partner.

What kind of skills are there?

In the following, we will show you which skills and characteristics are particularly popular in a conversation. Teamwork. Independence. Willingness to take responsibility. Mobility. Willingness to compromise. Open-mindedness. Willingness to learn.

How do I find out if my child is gifted?

Typical features and signs of giftedness (according to the typical checklists) quick comprehension, extensive and early developed large vocabulary, good memory, good powers of observation, skipping development phases, great thirst for knowledge coupled with curiosity.

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