Why did you apply to our company in particular?

Why did you apply to our company in particular?

First of all, you should be clear about why this question or your answer to it is so interesting for the company side in the first place. Your answer reflects how well your skills and experience match your future role and desire for job satisfaction.

How long until the new job?

But a new job doesn’t always come quickly. Specialists earn well. If they want to change jobs, they have to plan a certain amount of time for this. On average, you will find a new job after 5.2 months.

How do I get a new job?

Eight steps to a new jobMake your job search a task. Define your goals for the new job. Apply convincingly. Assess the job market realistically. Use all sources when looking for a job. Keep the conversation going. Good preparation is half the battle for the new job. Convince with know-how.

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