Why did you apply to us?

Why did you apply to us?

With the question Why are you applying to us? get in touch with you as an applicant and find out whether you have dealt adequately with the company and the advertised position. Your personal reasons for applying are also of particular interest.

What questions can I ask during the interview?

10 questions that applicants can ask in an interview: Can you describe a typical day in this position for me? What is the usual induction? How big is the department I will work in? Who is my line manager? How are talents and Is your strengths promoted? More entries … •

What questions do training ask at the job interview?

The following questions could await you at your interview: What are your personal strengths? How do you deal with your weaknesses? Have your weaknesses become an obstacle to you? How would you integrate your strengths into your training? Why would you like to do a dual study program?

How do I prepare for an interview for an apprenticeship?

Eight steps to the job: The perfect preparation for your interview Find out about the company. Find out about the interlocutors. Do you know your own application. Practice your self-presentation. Take notes. Put your outfit together for the conversation.

How do I behave during an interview for an apprenticeship?

Briefly tell us something about your career so far. Here you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and highlight why you are the right person for the job. The best way to do this is to report on your internships or favorite subjects that demonstrate your interest in the apprenticeship.

How does an interview usually work?

How to master all five phases Small talk phase: First impressions count. Getting to know each other: self-presentation made easy. Presentation phase: Listen carefully. Queries phase: Score points with your own questions in the interview. Final phase: Don’t fail in the last few meters.

How do I know if an interview went well?

Here are signs that the interview went well. The interview is taking longer than planned. You are on the same wavelength as the person you are interviewing. These questions indicate a strong interest in you. Pay attention to your body language. You will be introduced to other colleagues.

What shouldn’t you do at an interview?

15 things to avoid at the interview Too tight time planning aggravates the chance of punctuality due to unforeseen handicaps. Unexcused absence. Overly casual greeting. Lack of interest in the employer. Doubtful documents? Overtired appearance. Lack of care. Inappropriate clothing.

How long does an interview usually last?

In contrast to the first date, the duration of an interview is roughly determined in advance. 45 to 60 minutes are standard. Sometimes only 30 minutes are scheduled – often the jobs are rather simple. Job interviews usually follow a certain process.

How long does an FSJ interview last?

3 answers lasted 45 minutes, the presentation / trial day at the deployment site 5 hours. Is seven and a half hours a day for two days without drinking breaks.

How many minutes should you take before an interview?

You shouldn’t show up too early for the interview, after all, HR managers and supervisors usually have a lot to do and a tight schedule. They therefore appreciate it when you stick to appointments as closely as possible. You should report to reception about ten minutes before the appointment.

What should you do during an interview?

Do some research on the 15 ultimate interview tips. Before you go into the interview, you should do a little research. Search contact person. Practice creates masters. Plan your journey – organize everything well. The right choice of clothes. Mental preparation.

What should you have with you at an interview?

You should take the copy of your résumé and application documents with you to the interview. Printed job advertisement. Printed invitation, directions and name of the person you are speaking to. Own questions. Notepad and pen. Cellphone.

What do I need to know about the company for an interview?

Job interview: 10 things applicants should know Arrange the cloakroom according to the branch. Don’t overdo your wardrobe. Don’t appear too early and don’t appear too late. Greet the senior first. Start small talk with compliments. Adapt your curriculum vitae to the requirements profile. Prepare individual answers.

What kind of interview bag?

Extremely long and decorated nails are usually not so well received in job interviews. Handbag: Please choose a subtle, black, dark blue or dark brown handbag. Ideally, the shade of your handbag matches your outfit. It’s perfect when you can stow your documents in your pocket.

What are my job interview weaknesses?

The hackneyed question about weaknesses reveals three things: your honesty, ability to self-reflect and your tolerance for frustration. Each of these three qualities are worth more than any weaknesses that you think will cost you the job.

What weaknesses?

Examples of weaknesses in job interviews “I don’t really like speaking in front of a larger audience. “I find it difficult to say no to others. “Sometimes I’m a little too direct. “Sometimes I’m not very organized and I do too many things at the same time.

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