Why did you apply to us?

Why did you apply to us?

With the question “Why are you applying to us? “Get in touch with you as an applicant and find out whether you have dealt sufficiently with the company and the advertised position. Your personal reasons for applying are also of particular interest.

How do I deal with conflicts in a team?

Conflicts in a team – How do you react correctly as a manager? Stop rumors before they spread. “I” instead of “you”: Do not allow any reproaches. Get to the bottom of the conflict. Agree on a discussion goal. In the event of a conflict, ask solution-oriented questions.

What problems can arise in a team?

Examples from everyday project work for possible areas of conflict: a lack of resources, power and career struggles, sympathy, antipathy, personal prejudices between team members, overburdening of employees, a distribution of work that is perceived as unjust, goals that are too ambitious and therefore unattainable.

How do conflicts arise in a team?

How conflicts arise in a team Conflicts arise when two parties plan or act at the same time in such a way that the other party feels hindered, blocked, threatened or injured as a result.

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