Why do colleagues like working with you?

Why do colleagues like working with you?

Why do colleagues like working with you? Describe your professional experiences. What are you particularly good at? Do your grades correspond to your academic achievements?

What questions do you ask at an apprenticeship interview?

These questions could await you in your job interview: What are your personal strengths? How do you deal with your weaknesses? Have your weaknesses ever become an obstacle for you? How would you integrate your strengths into your training? Why do you want to do a dual degree?

What am I not allowed to ask in an interview?

Job interview: Forbidden questions An employer may not ask an applicant some questions. Pregnancy. desire for children in women. Religious affiliation, political opinion. criminal record. Criminal record certificate. Financial situation. Diseases.

What is the boss not allowed to do?

If your manager asks one of these questions in a meeting or potential boss in a job interview, you do not have to answer them. Because he is not allowed to ask you these questions, which means that you can even lie when you answer them.

What question must an employee answer truthfully during an interview?

Questions about previous convictions are only permissible and must only be answered truthfully if there is a connection with the specific job. For example, anyone applying to be a cashier would have to state a criminal record for theft, embezzlement or fraud, but not for drunk driving.

Which agreement in an employment contract is legally permissible?

Interesting: There is currently no legally prescribed form in labor law in which a contract must be drafted. Accordingly, an employment contract is also possible verbally (an oral promise).

Which principle applies to the employer’s right to ask questions?

The employer has a right to ask questions only insofar as he has a legitimate, reasonable and protected interest in the answer to his question regarding the employment relationship. The interest must be so strong that the employee’s interest in protecting his personality must take second place.

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