Why do I have to cite sources?

Why do I have to cite sources?

References are used in scientific work to identify foreign ideas, for example a book or a website. The complete source is made up of: Reference in the text or

Why is correct quoting important?

You have to mark these adopted statements with literature and references so that your readers can check the facts in cases of doubt. This process is called scientific citation.

Why is quoting so important?

A necessary quote is essential to understand a work. In contrast, a formal quotation is often used to mention the work of others who work in the same field. A large proportion of formal quotations raise doubts about the usefulness of quotations as a measure of quality.

When do you use a quote?

Quotations can be the starting point of your own argumentation, can be used as a safeguard, serve as an antipole to your own position and much more. A quotation does not automatically explain what it should stand for: the function of the quotation must be made clear to the readers.

What is DOI when citing?

The abbreviation DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. The DOI is a numerical sequence that refers to an academic text.

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